7 Online Tutoring Jobs Opportunities to Make More Money

Online Tutoring Jobs Opportunities

Are you considering a career in academics? Don’t let go of this Online Tutoring Jobs Opportunities if you have a knack for this. Even if you can’t manage to do a full-time job, you can still tutor students online and earn some extra bucks. 

Gone are the days when tutoring was essentially done face-to-face. And we have even passed the days when teachers would teach students via teaching channels. Although, I still have some teaching channels on my contour app. Thanks to the technology for refining the process and making it more accessible to every nook and corner of the world with the internet. 

If you start an online tutoring job, you will be able to meet some financial goals. And you will get a chance to do what you love. Online tutoring is becoming more and more common and the statistics of people being hired are encouraging. All you need to know is your subject and you should be able to teach it just well. 

Check out the following list of some Online Tutoring Jobs Opportunities and figure out the best one for yourself. 

Top 7 Online Tutoring Jobs Opportunities You Should Consider

  1. VIPKID.
  2. Private Tutoring via Skype.
  3. Wyzant.
  4. QKids.
  5. Superprof.
  6. Chegg.
  7. Homework Tutoring.


It is one of the best platforms to teach English. They offer complete lesson plans for the tutors to be able to follow easily. More than 60,000 tutors are registered on the platform from about 35 countries. The teachers have the liberty to skip lessons if they think that the progress of the student is fast. If you get hired, you will be teaching Chinese students. You will have the freedom to set your hours for the day, week, month, and so on. 

We can sign up for free using your Facebook ID, email, or Google account. You get to earn around $14-$22 an hour. You need a bachelor’s degree and the necessary equipment to teach an online class. 

Private Tutoring via Skype

This requires no hiring and there are no rules. Because you are your own boss. Initially, it will take some extra time and effort to build your client base. But if you are determined and persistent, you can earn more than the hiring platforms. You set your own rules and choose to teach what you are good at. It would be a good strategy to create your own website as well as a blog to market your tutoring services. You should target the right audience such as students’ parents. Interacting with them will help in building better relationships and will give you more tutoring opportunities. 


You need to be a resident of the United States and have a valid social security number to be hired on this platform. You also need to be above 18. This job platform facilitates a safe and healthy relationship between the tutor and the tutees. The forum boasts of offering above 250 subjects. 

Wyzant awards its tutors with good incentives who send new referrals. You can apply and set up a profile today on Wyzant


Want to teach English and become a foreign language tutor to Chinese students? QKids allows you to do that. The number of students registered on the platform is a whopping 300,000. The age ranges from 4 to 12. If you become a QKids tutor, you will have a great scope. Get to use this interactive and fun platform. You will get to have lesson plans, which are narrative-based and animated teachers’ assistant characters. You also get to have fun learning games. 

Your get to have a specified time schedule to work in. In addition to the base pay, you also get to have occasional bonuses. The requirements are pretty basic. 


This platform covers music, sports, languages, art, hobbies, academic help, and so on. Superprof is trusted by 5.4 million tutors and they have advertised their services to the students of all backgrounds and ages. It is based in the UK and is expanding globally. It is one of the largest teacher communities in the world. You can build your client base and reach out to students who are looking for tutoring services. 


Chegg is a great platform that allows students to log in and ask for help with any subject around the clock. This platform allows facilitating tutors to conduct lessons according to their availability. The communication is done via video, text, and audio. You can select the subjects you are experienced in and Chegg will connect you to the student seeking help. They have the freedom to decline and accept too. you can end up earning as much as $1,000 a month

This platform requires experience as a teacher.

Homework Tutoring

This platform covers a number of important subjects such as Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Math, English, Statistics, and so on. Currently, they are accepting suggestions for some additional subjects such as History, Law, and Engineering. You will be tutoring students of college and high-school. And you are expected to provide step-wise instructions to students for better understanding. You will be helping them to solve their home assignments. 

When I first enrolled myself as an online tutor, I subscribed to Cox business internet for blazing-fast speeds and uninterrupted sessions. But the tutoring platforms have become so efficient now that you can subscribe to one of the residential internet plans too. Good luck!

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