7 Not-So-Secret Shopify Hacks to Boost Your Sales

Do you wish to give the eCommerce industry a try? Are you looking to create a Shopify business account? Or do you already have one but still in the middle of learning the ropes?

Data reveals that Shopify powers over 500,000 merchants across 175 countries.

During its peak, Shopify merchants recorded over $1 million worth of transactions in a single minute. And this was back in 2017.

And since the pandemic, the sales of Shopify merchants surged anew. As a merchant, you need to stay ahead of the competition. But how do you do so?

Thankfully, there are Shopify hacks that you can incorporate into your strategies. But what exactly are these hacks you need to learn?

Continue reading below for seven Shopify tricks that will help take your sales to the next level.

1. Use Image SEO

One of the best Shopify conversion hacks you need to learn is image SEO. This involves optimizing your eCommerce shop’s images to improve its rankings on image searches.  

It is also one of the most essential Shopify design hacks you will ever learn.

Apart from improving your shop’s Google rankings, image SEO also increases the relevance of your page’s content. As consumers use social media to shop, you need to ensure that they can share your images properly across various social media platforms.

You also need to compress your images to improve your page speed. Thankfully, image SEO can do all of these and more.

The good thing about Shopify is it lets you edit your image alt texts and image names individually. This means you can write descriptions that will pique the interest of visitors.

Also, you need to compress your image file sizes. This will help keep your website from slowing down. Keep in mind that a big factor in ranking high in search engines is your page speed.

2. Tap Your Shopify Community

Another one of those tried and tested Shopify hacks is using the Shopify Community. This means hunting various Shopify forums for nuggets of wisdom. These are valuable lessons coming from Shopify Experts.

You also need to visit the Shopify blog. This site is a deep well of resource for all sorts of ideas that can help grow your Shopify business. 

The same thing goes for all the tutorials that you see on Shopify. 

And don’t take the 24/7 support of Shopify for granted. These people will be more than happy to help you out with any concerns about your business.

Additionally, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from other Shopify merchants. If you know someone who’s already on Shopify for several years, don’t be shy to ask for some tips.

3. Test Your Prices

If you’re new to Shopify, one of the trickiest aspects you will encounter is the pricing of your products. Yes, consumers tend to go for the cheapest items available. Though you want to make the prices of your items more appealing, you need to strike a balance between affordability and profitability.

Hence, you need to perform some split testing on your prices. This will help you determine how much your target market is willing to pay for your products. 

Since split pricing can be tricky, you can use tools like the Qbot Shopify app. This app can help split the prices of your products. Moreover, the app will cost you nothing.

Keep in mind that having the wrong prices can lead to all sorts of problems. Your business may lose customers. It can also disrupt your margins.

Worst, it may tarnish your reputation as a Shopify merchant.

Additionally, invest in Product Information Management (PIM). PIM and Shopify can work hand-in-hand in managing your product data and more.

4. Use Branding and Hashtags

With over 3.8 billion people on social media, you want to use these platforms to further your Shopify store. Thus, enable your customers to market your business through hashtags and branding. 

For starters, your target audience should see you on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. From there, publicize your business by using hashtags.

When deciding on a hashtag, make it something easy to remember. You want the hashtag to be recognizable but distinct. 

And as your happy customers use your hashtags, your Shopify business will gain more traction on social media.

5. Consider Free Shipping

Another effective strategy that will easily attract customers is to offer free shipping. Yes, free shipping will reduce your bottom line. And as a newbie in eCommerce, you want to make the most profits possible.

However, there is a way to offer free shipping without hurting your earnings. The key is to offer it as an incentive if customers reach a minimum amount of purchase. 

But you need to revisit the items that you are selling. Are you offering complementary products? Then free shipping may work for you.

But if you’re selling one-off items, free shipping may not be a wise move to consider.

6. Work with Influencers

Apart from tapping the potential of social media, you also need to work with influencers. Connecting with influencers is one of the most affordable strategies you can use. 

Pick an influencer who you feel will likely use your products in real life. From there, contact them and tell them about the idea of having them on board.

You will give them your products to try out, and if they like it, they will post about them on their social media accounts.

That is way cheaper compared to buying a TV spot or a billboard space, right?

7. Try Digital Content Marketing

Last but not least, you need to consider content marketing. This strategy is applicable if you’re leaning toward sharing your skills and knowledge instead of peddling physical items. 

The good thing is you can sell digital content that consumers can download on Shopify. 

Are you a writer who can work on journals and ebooks? Then post your portfolio and offer your services on Shopify. 

The key is to offer something that is of value to a certain group of people. You want to showcase something that the public will pay for at the right price.

Go Beyond Shopify Hacks

By using these Shopify hacks, you can build a solid foundation for your eCommerce business. You can also increase your client base faster and increase your audience reach. But learning about these tricks is only one of the many things to learn about eCommerce.

We encourage you to increase your knowledge by reading more of our articles. We discuss topics that will help you manage and grow your online business.

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