7 Louisiana Facts That Will Make You Want To Visit It

Located south of the United States, Louisiana, also known as the Child of Mississippi, is the home for blues music. You probably heard about its many music festivals and lively culture. Louisiana is also the home to many native American tribes. It is the only place in the southern US with the most diverse tribes. Whether you want to visit Louisiana soon or want to take a virtual tour, here are some fascinating Louisiana facts that you should know. 

It is the birthplace of Jazz

It is one of the most known Louisiana facts out there. Originated in New Orleans in the 20th century, African-American communities gave birth to what we know now as Jazz. This genre is known to have a prominent meter, more improvised and spontaneous runs, and colorful tones. If you visit the state, make sure to stop by a jazz bar and experience their culture through their music. 

Louisiana was sold by Napoleon Bonaparte

If you know your US history, this is known as the Louisiana Purchase. Back then, the state of Louisiana was one of the territories of France. Thomas Jefferson bought all of Louisiana’s territory from Napoleon Bonaparte in 1803 for $15 million. France needed more money for the Great French War and selling Louisiana to the US was the most viable option. Acquiring the state of Louisiana allowed the United States to double its size. It also gave the US access to the Mississippi River which is an important channel for trading. Now, how’s that for a quick history lesson? 

Mardi Gras is the biggest festival in Louisiana 

Louisiana is also known as the festival capital of the US. If you are searching for the top festival to go to when you visit Louisiana, it’s Mardi Gras. Now that we know Louisiana has been heavily influenced by the French when it used to be its territory, Mardi Gras is a series of carnival celebrations. Unlike other festivals that would only last one day, Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, is celebrated for almost a week and ends before Ash Wednesday. 1.4 million people around the world attend the festival every year. Next time you plan your visit, make sure to catch Mardi Gras! 

The first-ever opera performance in the US was held in Louisiana

Held at the Théâtre de la Rue St. Pierre, New Orleans, Sylvain is the very first opera in the US. Aside from jazz music, New Orleans is also the birthplace of opera in the US. Sylvain is a one-act opera by André Grétry with a libretto by Jean-François Marmontel. The opera follows a forbidden love story with a happy ending. Sadly, the original opera house burned down in 1816. 

It’s also known as the Pelican State 

Aside from being the child of Mississippi, Louisiana is also known as the Pelican state. And nope, not because of Pelican pie. The state of Louisiana is one of the habitats of pelican birds, specifically along the state’s Gulf coast. It is the main reason why the brown pelican is Louisiana’s state bird. A lot of tourists enjoy seeing them when they go on Lake trips. So if you are going to the Pelican state, make sure to capture the moments when you are there! The birds are not camera-shy.

Home of the alligators

There are half as many alligators as there are people in the state of Louisiana. It is the state in the US with the highest population of alligators, with 2 million and counting. The state of Louisiana discourages the public and tourists from feeding alligators. It may attract alligators to humans and may cause some safety concerns in the future. There are a lot of swamps, lakes, and freshwater habitats where you can see these reptiles. You may also look for ranches offering tours! Just remember not to feed them. 

The state loves sports! 

To be more specific, the people of Louisiana love football to the point that they will close down everything so they won’t miss a match. For example, the state suspended classes and work after the Squash won the 2009 Super Bowl XLIV. Louisiana is the home to many professional athletes like David Godchaux, Warrick Dunn, Jarvis Landry, and Ed Reed. Aside from their love for football, basketball, and golf, the state has a lot of water sports that you can enjoy. Living an active lifestyle is not impossible if you reside in Louisiana. 

Visit the state of Louisiana 

There you have it! These are some of the facts that will make you want to visit the state of Louisiana, or even move there. Louisiana has a rich history and culture that you don’t want to miss out on. You’ll never run out of things to do and views to see with this state. When making an itinerary, you can always refer to this article. 

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