7 Life-Saving Emojis to Ease Awkward Conversations

Let’s accept that in messaging situations, some conversations can get pretty awkward. It doesn’t matter if you are texting a coworker, perhaps messaging a friend, a crush, or your latest match. Awkward conversations could be prevented, but the thing is, you will need a game plan if and when they happen.

Thankfully, emojis have helped the messaging world by adding personality, color, humor, and context to the messages we send and receive every day. That’s why in this post, we may not be able to give a surefire solution to any awkward conversation, but we hope to help you ease the awkwardness and rescue you from the burn of such scenarios. Sit tight as we guide you on how to take advantage of these seven useful emojis!

  1. Nerdy Emoji for Those Geeky Moments

Have you ever tried messaging with someone you just met, and you accidentally over-shared something too geeky? Send them nerd smileys! It’s the perfect emoji to use when you feel like you’ve said something that might be a bit too nerdy. 

There is nothing wrong with being an expert on something to the point of sounding like a nerd, but chill out! It happens. It’s normal to sometimes reveal a side of yourself, especially when it could be a little too early to do so. Say if you want to impress a colleague or someone you’re dating; and that you want to seem cool.

When you send that nerdy emoji, it will show that you are aware of your geekiness. And, it could even make you seem adorable as it highlights not just your intellectual prowess but also your social intelligence. Save face with one or a few taps on the Nerdy Emoji!

  1. Relieved Emoji to Stand Your Ground

On your exchange of messages with loved ones or even officemates, you may find yourself in a tough spot where they are being stubborn about something. Perhaps when your brother wants to borrow your car or if a coworker insists you do them a favor – things that won’t happen in their wildest dreams. 

Instead of giving in or letting the tension rise with a harsh answer, speak your mind as kindly as you can and end it with a Relieved Emoji. It is a face emoji with closed eyes and a kind smile, which can give the impression that you’ve considered their request, but you’re giving your final word that it is a no. This icon should do the trick as the peaceful smile can signify that you were kind enough to give them a response–one that they may not like, but they will respect because you still sent it with a smile. 

That being said, use the Relieved Emoji to stand your ground! It is a better alternative to the Smiling Face emoji that could seem a bit too nice. The Relieved Emoji is slightly more neutral, which can effectively mean that you’re being stern.

  1. Flushed Face Emoji to Express Sincere Embarrassment

Whether it’s a virtual or in-person interaction, did you know that people feel more empathy towards individuals who admit that they feel nervous or embarrassed about something than those who try to act strong? In social psychology, the trick is to laugh at yourself. Then, you can expect your friends or officemates to laugh “with you” and not at you. The same could be applied to messaging with emojis!

The Flushed Face Emoji is a face emoji with widened eyes, raised brows, and blushing cheeks that perfectly captures sincere embarrassment. If you think you’ve made a small or honest mistake that isn’t too severe, it wouldn’t hurt to use this emoji to let people know that you are sorry and that you’d do better next time!

  1. Eyes Emoji to Magnify the Awkwardness (in a Good Way)

You can always break the ice in an awkward scenario if you know how to add a little humor. The Eyes Emoji, more than just a mere representation of eyes, has a hilarious way of adding emphasis to the awkwardness in any situation. This could be best used in group chats when someone might have said something off or awkwardly funny, and you want to point it out. Do it with the Eyes Emoji to let people think again and think hard to realize the awkwardness of the conversation. The humor in the emoji will certainly lighten things up, or much yet, make things funny!

  1. Blue Heart Emoji to Keep Things Platonic

Through the years, more and more people have somewhat normalized the use of the Red Heart Emoji to express positive emotions to a special someone, a friend, or a family member. Between some friends, however, it could be a bit misleading. Interestingly, others sometimes perceive these as mixed signals–that the sender might be flirting or suggesting romantic intent.

Not to assume, but to be safe, the Blue Heart Emoji is a nice alternative to the red one. This emoji can give you the peace of mind that you aren’t sending any mixed signals to people who could misunderstand your intention in sending the Red Heart Emoji.

  1. Disguised Face Emoji When You Don’t Want to Own Things

Is someone giving you compliments that you’re too shy to accept? Or are you feeling embarrassed about something you did that you just want to pretend like you’re someone else? If so, the Disguised Face Emoji is what you should use! This is a face emoji with a big nose, thick brows, a mustache, and round glasses. It generally represents someone in disguise, whether in the literal sense or not. 

If the conversation is about something that you may have done–responding with this emoji is an adorable way to express that you’re shy and that you want to be modest, say if you are receiving compliments. Or perhaps if you did something bad like eating a whole jar of cookies or forgetting to leave a key under the mat, the emoji is a playful way to express that you don’t like to take responsibility. Be sure to only use this in petty or not-so-serious situations!

  1. Face With Tears of Joy Emoji

Last but not least, there’s no better way to break an awkward silence than with laughter. If the conversation isn’t too serious, the Face With Tears of Joy Emoji is useful to explicitly express laughter or that you are LOL-ing at the situation. This is a classic response in a conversation that could be taken lightly. Even though it could get a bit overused, it manages to get the job done!


Finding yourself in an awkward conversation could get pretty rough, especially when the silence is making things worse! Thankfully, there are tons of emojis that you can use to ease or lessen the awkwardness. It would also be great to keep in mind that you must always use your best judgment when using emojis. Since you would know the context better than anyone else, put yourself in the shoes of others just to double-check that you aren’t being offensive. 

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