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7 Gifts for Your Girlfriend (2021)

The holidays are coming and everyone is getting busy looking for the perfect gifts for their loved ones. We know you want to give the most meaningful gift this holiday season, especially for your lovely girlfriend.

There are so many things that you can get for your partner. As simple as a handwritten letter, to something she can wear on your date like this Rose Gold Dress. However, with all the choices that you have you just can’t seem to choose one.

If you’re struggling in choosing the best present for your partner, worry no more because we came up with a list of the perfect gift ideas for you! In this list, you will find 7 gift ideas to help narrow down your choices. So keep on reading to find the best item, for the best person in your life!

7 Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend This Christmas

Nothing beats a meaningful gift from someone special. Below you will find 7 ideas on what to get your girlfriends for Christmas:

Handwritten Letter

Call us old-fashioned, but trust us when we say women still love receiving handwritten letters. If you’re quite tight on budget, this is a classic and one of the best ways to express your love to your partner. All you need for this gift is some good stationery paper, a pen, and get ready to pour out your feelings.

Handwritten letters are the simplest way of telling your partner how much you love them. It may not seem like much work, but your girl will cherish that letter forever. Just make sure that your letter is sincere and heartfelt.

Necklace with Personalized Locket

Another way to make your girl feel special during the holidays is by giving her a locket with a picture of you two inside. A personalized gift like this will never fail in giving your girl butterflies in her stomach.

It’s a meaningful gift that she can add to her outfits every day. And if you have fur babies, you can add in a photo of your pet in the locket instead. These necklaces can be cheap or expensive and you’ll find a lot of these in vintage gift shops, or even online so it’s really easy to get a hold of this one. This peace will literally be held close to her heart.

Charm Bracelet

If your partner loves traveling, a charm bracelet is the perfect gift for her. These charm bracelets look super chic, and the best thing about it is that you can always add different charms of all the places you’ve traveled to.

This is a very sentimental gift that can serve as an inspiration for both of you. There are a lot of charms in many varieties, so you can personally pick the charms you want to include in the bracelet.

Rose Gold Dress

This rose gold dress is something you can gift to your girlfriend that she can wear on one of your date nights. You can surprise your lover with this dress, along with a note inviting her to get ready for your date.

She will swoon from the gesture, and will also look amazing in her new outfit. This dress is also available at Aliexpress so it will no longer be a hassle for you to go out in stores with all the holiday rush to buy this for your person.

A Photo Book

If you are one of those couples who enjoy making memories together, a photo book is the best year-ender gift for you. You can make your own photo book to give it more sentimental value, or you can also have them printed through this website.

This is a great gift, and you can even go through the photos together to reminisce all the memories you have created in the past year together. It’s a gift that you can even give annually so you will no longer have any more troubles thinking about what to give to your girlfriend during the holidays.

A Personalized Mix Tape

Do you and your partner love to bang your heads to your favorite tunes in the car? Give your girlfriend a personalized mixtape this Christmas! The mixtape can contain all of your favorite songs together, or you can also get creative and add in an audio recording of your special message for her.

Mixtapes are sentimental gifts that bring an essence of nostalgia. You can make your mixtape on a cd, a cassette tape, or even by saving the songs on a flash drive. One can never go wrong with a playlist of all the songs you love.

A Spa Day Coupon

One of the best ways to show how much you love and care for your partner is by treating her out for a spa day. Your girl deserves to have a day of rest and relaxation and you can make this happen by giving her a coupon to your favorite spa.

If you’re quite tight on budget, you can also make your own spa day at home and surprise her with a coupon that you made by yourself. All you need is to buy some nice spa essentials and give your queen the spa treatment she deserves.


It doesn’t matter if you’re getting your partner something fancy like a new pair of diamond earrings, or maybe you’re getting her this rose gold dress, it can even be something inexpensive yet thoughtful like a mix tape. No matter what it is, or how much it cost, as long as it came from your heart, that gift will be cherished forever.

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