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7 Benefits of Tree Planting

Not only are trees beautiful, but they are essential for creating a healthy and happy environment. 

From easing stress to providing oxygen and combating noise pollution, trees affect your daily life more than you might realize. You’ll find trees lining streets, playing a prominent role in most front yards, and providing shade in community parks and spaces. The more trees that are planted, the greater the benefits the world can experience. 

If you have been thinking of planting trees but aren’t sure it’s worth it, here are several benefits of tree planting service by certified arborists Memphis.

1. Increased Property Value

One of the benefits of planting trees is increased property value. Trees add curb appeal, shade your home, promote privacy, and more. You can increase your property value by up to 7% just by planting a tree. 

On the other hand, a dead or dying tree can reduce your property value. If you have a tree in poor condition, contact this tree removal company for help. 

2. Cleaner Air 

A great benefit of planting trees is cleaner air. Trees clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and other impurities in the air. Their leaves and bark work as filters to pull these impurities from the air. 

3. Soil Erosion Prevention 

One of the best benefits of plants and trees is preventing soil erosion. The root system of a tree binds soil together and holds it in place. The leaves also shelter the soil from too much rain, which also prevents erosion.  

4. Energy Conservation 

If you are a home or business owner, you can conserve energy by planting trees around your home or business. Strategically placed trees will block the sun and help insulate the building. This warms your home in the winter and cools it in the summer, which results in a lower energy bill. 

5. Natural Air Conditioning 

Did you know trees act as natural air conditioners and cool the outdoor air? Not only do they provide cooling shade, but the leaves release water into the air. Collectively, trees can cool a city by up to 10 degrees.  

6. Shelter for Wildlife 

One of the best benefits of planting a tree is providing shelter for wildlife. Many animals live in trees, ranging from birds to tree kangaroos. Not only that, but small animals like squirrels and rabbits also use tree bark for food.  

7. Beautiful Scenery 

Trees provide beautiful scenery that is calming and serene. Just by looking at a tree, or hearing the rustling of the leaves, you can ease stress, lower your blood pressure, and feel better overall. This is a useful benefit of trees, especially for those who suffer from anxiety.  

These Are the Benefits of Tree Planting

There are many benefits of tree planting.

Trees increase property value, clean the air, and prevent soil erosion. They also help conserve energy, cool the air, and provide shelter for wildlife. One of the most important benefits of trees is providing beautiful scenery that promotes calm and serenity.

Planting trees is a win-win in any situation.

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