6 Wheel Of Fortune Alternatives To Check Out

Wheel Of Fortune is a fun, social game that comes in many shapes and forms. To say that there is only one game of its nature would be an understatement. Plenty of Wheel Of Fortune alternatives exists that offer just as much fun as the next one. And while most of us know the game based on the TV show, that doesn’t mean we can’t get together with friends and play it for our amusement.

As such, we’re bringing you an article laying out the x best alternatives to the popular television gameshow. With all that said, let’s start.

Draw Something

The idea of this article is to give you alternatives to the popular social game. That doesn’t mean the game has to include a wheel. As such, the very first alternative on this list is a game called “Draw Something.” Draw Something is a game that anyone can download on their smartphone. It has a comprehensive co-op mode, meaning you can get together with multiple friends and play a game together. The whole point of the idea is to draw something (no pun intended), and your opponents have to guess it.

For all of your competitive gamers out there, the idea isn’t to draw the best version of the word you are selecting. The idea is to make it as funny as you can. At the end of the day, we’re talking about a social game that you can get a laugh out of it.

Hanging With Friends

Hanging With Friends isn’t one game, but a combination of more than twenty games. Just like Draw Something, Hanging With Friends is a mobile application that you can play together with your friends. It includes word games, drawing games, guessing games, and tons of others. The reason why this game differs from the rest on this list is that it adds plenty of options.

There are even real Wheel Of Fortune alternatives that you can check out. Many of the games on the app require you to get your brain juices going to solve the challenging puzzle obstacles. The game is all-in-one for all of you who are into trivia, guessing games, wordplay, etc. Give it a try as you won’t be disappointed.

Ten Value Spinner

Ten Value Spinner is the ultimate, versatile social game that is probably the best alternative to Wheel Of Fortune. The gist is simple. You come up with a theme and use the game to play it. What we mean by this is the following. Let’s say you’re together with your friends and want to get a laugh out of the occasion. You settle on a theme – popular movies. Each player adds a movie to the list until you get ten movies in total.

What you do next is up to you. You spin the spinner and see where it lands. Then, you’re supposed to explain the movie to the group until someone guesses it. You could do it charade-style or any other fun and creative way. What’s important is that Ten Value Spinner offers immense fun. As such, the game should be on your bucket list the next time you get together with friends and family.

For more information on what you’re supposed to do, check out this article on how to play Ten Value Spinner.


Does your group of friends include music lovers? If so, why not give SongPop a try? SongPop is all about challenging your friends and family on the subject of songs. It comes with an app where each person plays a short tune and has to guess the song. The app includes more than 300 genres and thousands of songs.

While the gameplay mechanics are quite simple, what’s not so simple is guessing some of the songs. The app makes it difficult for you as you’re given a very short clip to try and guess the song. But that’s where all the fun lies. Challenge your friends on the genre of Pop Hits, 90s Hits, or any other genre imaginable. You won’t regret downloading the app as it offers immense fun.

What’s The Pic?

What’s The Pic is yet another fun and creative game that you can get together with friends and create a memorable night. The gist of What’s The Pic is simple. You download the game on your smartphone and enter a lobby with friends. Then, the game gives you a gallery of images to select from. Much like SongPop, the game includes topics. It could be art, animals, or anything else. You are given only a few frames of the pic and the goal is to try and guess it.

Since you start with only a few tiny squares, it makes it quite challenging to try and guess the pic before the other team or player does. What’s The Pic is a fan favorite among those who want to challenge themselves and even learn something new along the way.

Trivia Crack

Name us a more competitive social game than trivia games? Trivia games are and always will be the best way to argue with friends. It’s highly competitive but offers immense fun. As such, Trivia Crack is a game everyone in your social group should download on their smartphones. Much like the other games on this list, Trivia Crack gives you genres to pick. Pick a genre that you like and solve the question before the other team does. The app tells you how to play the game, explains the scoring system, and everything else you need to get a good laugh. Trivia Crack is challenging, fun, and will get the hotheads out of their shells.

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