6 Tips to Find the Best Student Accommodation near UQ

The University of Queensland is Australia’s leading research and teaching public university located in Brisbane. It has received more national teaching awards than any other Australian university. 

If you are an international student at the University of Queensland and need to find student housing near UQ, this article is for you. Here are five tips for finding the best student accommodation near UQ.


As per recent data, UQ had around 20,213 students from 142 countries in 2019. The student accommodation location is an important aspect when choosing a living space. You need to look for accommodation closer to campus and provide you easy access to explore the city. For example, you should be able to catch a movie, shop with your friends, or have a coffee with your friend in the city without travelling long distances. 


Student accommodation should evolve and offer students more flexibility as their lives are constantly changing. Besides offering a private bedroom, it should also provide social and community spaces for students to hang together.

As per recent data, UQ has more international students from China, Singapore, and Malaysia. The study spaces should allow students from different places to study together or guide each other during exams without invading other students’ private space.

Cool Design 

As per 2019 data, UQ had around 55,305 students. Due to the popularity of the UQ University, many students from neighbouring Australian states and foreign countries come for higher education to Brisbane. The design of the student accommodation is as important as the amenities. Experts mention the accommodation design should create a space that makes the student feel at home even if students are thousands of miles away from family. The student accommodation should have neatly planned rooms and community spaces. 

Welcoming Environment 

Students living away from their families generally experience some stress. Besides, busy schedules, arguments with peers, health problems, fatigue, and general exhaustion worsen things for students. The environment at the student accommodation can be a great stress reliever for students and make them more comfortable. 

You need to look for a student accommodation that offers a welcoming environment to students. The policies and the environment of the student accommodation should be centred on students’ wellbeing, safety, and lifestyle that will make students comfortable. It should have a support system for residents to grow as confident individuals. 

Community Building

Human beings are social animals, and people feel comfortable in the company of each other. The student accommodation should offer opportunities for community building on the campus. For example, the accommodation should provide endless opportunities and spaces to meet fellow residents and participate in different activities. Being a part of the community also reduces the stress of living away from the family and helps students cope with academic pressures.

They can learn a lot from seniors and gain wisdom to tackle different difficulties from their experience. 


The student accommodation should offer secured access to their rooms. A 24×7 onsite support should be available to report any incidents and draw attention to any security loopholes that need to be fixed immediately. Also, CCTVs should be installed to make student accommodation safe and secure for its residents.

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