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6 Things Not to Wear This Summer

Summer is the time when you would want to wear something cool and comfortable. You don’t need any special occasion to buy a Chrome Hearts Hoodie or dress, so it becomes more of an issue of choice. However, there are some things you should never wear this summer. Here are 6 fashion mistakes your horoscope sign will not be able to help you with:

Wearing clothes that don’t match

It’s important that what you’re wearing matches in color, pattern, texture, fabric type etc. For example, if you are wearing a polka dot shirt with plaid shorts, find another pair of shorts!CDG Shirt will look very good with shorts.

Showing too much skin  

While exposing more skin is acceptable in some areas depending on where you live (for example, showing your back in India, exposing your arms in Europe), make sure you are aware of what’s culturally acceptable. If what you are wearing is not appropriate where you live, don’t wear it!

Wearing too much jewelry

While having enough jewelry to accentuate your outfit can definitely be a plus point, it can also be overwhelming. Stick to just one piece that stands out and matches the rest of your outfit.

Forgetting common sense

As long as there isn’t anything offensive about what you’re wearing (for example, writing swear words on clothing), don’t forget common sense. For example, if the same shirt with different pants can give off two totally different looks (casual vs. formal), then remember that.

Wearing the same piece way too many times

While there might be some instances where we wear a specific dress more than once, we should always avoid wearing the same top with the same bottoms over and over again. That is just asking to be noticed!

Improper fit of clothing

What you wear is not only about what color it is or what pattern it has; but also about how well it fits your body type. If something doesn’t fit you properly, even if it’s new, don’t buy into that trend. Just because everyone else is wearing it doesn’t mean you have to as well!

As long as you avoid these 6 things not to wear this summer, you’ll be sure to look your best!

Conclusion paragraph:

So, what are the 6 things you should avoid wearing this summer? First of all, don’t wear too much clothing. You may be tempted to bundle up in light clothes that cover your skin and keep cool with an air conditioner; however, it is better for your health if you can go outdoors without any layers on. Second rule out anything tight or constricting around your neck like a scarf or tie because this will make you feel hotter faster than anything else. Thirdly, stay away from short skirts (or shorts) unless they have some type of lining underneath them so that when the wind blows they won’t blow right up in front of everyone! Fourth principle would be to steer clear of dark colors because these absorb.

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