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6 Signs to Help You Spot Fake Friends around You

Carrying emotional baggage in any relationship is the end of it. Often life tests us with great things and crappy people.

Spotting fake friends is an art, not everyone is a master in it. Fake friends can take a toll on your mental health as well as wealth by misusing the trust you ensure in them.

Read up the following 5 signs that can help you spot fake friends in the initial stages. Once you spot them, get rid of them and save yourself the heartbreak.

Contacting you when it is convenient

One of the signs of fake friends is that they only contact you when it is suitable for them. They do not take into consideration your wants and needs but only want to be friends when they see fit.

They may ignore your calls and meeting requests but impose them on you when they are bored or free.

Ask a lot of favors

Steer clear of ‘friends’ that are always asking you favors.

Helping friends in need is good but don’t let anyone take you for granted and misunderstand your generosity with foolishness.

Asking for pick and drop always, borrowing clothes and accessories from you on every occasion and asking for gas money whenever you meet is a sign that they are just interested in your things, not your feelings.

Envious of your achievements

A clear sign of fake friends that shows with a lot of clarity is that they are never genuinely happy in your success. They harbor self-doubts in you and make you feel that you don’t deserve the success you have.

You can also spot fake friends by the way they talk to you, fake friends quotes the most absurd things related to you and make you feel inferior.

They want to change you

A true friend will love you for who you are and not for what they want you to be. Friends who want to change the way you talk or dress are not worth your time and love.

Fake friends can go to lengths of changing the way you think and make decisions and want to have a say in your decisions and your life.

Always talk trash behind your back

Fake friends act so sweet at your face but behind your back, they are just bitter as poison.

They trash talk and downplay you behind your back and back-bite about you with other people. A true friend always cares enough to let you know what you are doing wrong on your face instead of advertising it all around the town.

Ditch these fake friends that are only good for backbiting and act as they care for you when they meet you.

Want to be in the spotlight every time

One clear sign of fake friends is that they want to be the center of attention always. No matter if it’s your birthday or wedding, your graduation, or your baby shower, they have to be in the spotlight and cannot bear not being in the limelight for long.

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