6 Reasons You Should Be Looking for an Attorney After Being Injured in Raleigh

Personal injury cases are mostly related to motor accidents, medical malpractice, and product liability. Of these, the plaintiff success rate was about 61% in vehicle accidents, 50% in intentional tort trials, and 39% in premises liability cases. The average payout for accidents was about $16,000, while medical malpractice was $679,000.

Those were mind-boggling statistics on personal injury cases. Personal injury can take many forms, and you may not realize that you have a claim against the defendant. Raleigh is among the top “best places to live in the U.S.” list, with a population of over 1.2 million. Such a large population may result in many injuries and litigations. 

Read further to know the top six reasons why you may need to look for a Raleigh personal injury attorney.

Expert Litigation Advice

A litigation expert will give their opinion on whether you are eligible for a claim. You must be experiencing physical and/or mental trauma and may not be able to know that the situation calls for a claim. Generally, a statute of limitations on personal injury claims in Raleigh is only three years. 

Time will pass quickly, and you may lose the opportunity to file a case. Therefore having an expert review the case immediately will help you hasten the process of getting a settlement.

Great at Negotiation

You cannot negotiate as you are still recovering from the injury, and this is when a Raleigh personal injury attorney comes in. They will handle the negotiations with the defendant’s lawyers. The opposition will be driving a hard bargain, and your lawyer will ensure that they get you the settlement you deserve.

Efficient Coordinator with Insurance and Medical Professionals

You will need immediate medical attention after your injury, and there is also the matter of dealing with insurance companies. A lawyer will help you get the best treatment immediately, and they will also work with the insurance companies to cover the treatment.

Handle All Paperwork

The last thing you need is to fill out forms when recovering from an injury. Leave it to your lawyer, who will handle all the filing. They will also ensure that all the paperwork is maintained to present in court along with your claim. A single missing document can derail your case and require you to refile. 

Expedite Your Claim

If not pushed, such cases can take months and even years to reach a decision. Hiring a specialist in Raleigh will help quicken the procedure to get your settlement and carry on with your life. 

Better Chances of an Out-Of-Court Settlement

When the defendant’s attorney says that their client is at fault, they may be willing to settle out of court to save on trial costs and time. They will review the defendant’s evidence and negotiate the best terms possible with them. A Raleigh personal injury attorney will help resolve so that you save precious time and focus on your recovery.

Personal injury cases can cause a lot of heartaches, and having an expert by your side can reduce the stress immensely. These were the reasons why you should be looking for a personal injury attorney after you are injured.

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