5 Ways to Increase Your Stream Popularity

Twitch is the biggest streaming platform owned by Amazon. It was launched in 2017 to target gamers and anyone who wants to broadcast lifestyle content such as sports, music, food etc. Users are allowed to stream and watch streamed content in real-time. It will enable gamers to use the browser and search for their favorite streamers. Streamers earn commission from games purchased through links on streams.

Streamers depend on the number of views and followers to earn more commission. They, therefore, try to make their content better and improve gaming skills to attract more users. You can create a streaming channel, but you will find it difficult to grow your presence in the Twitch community without strategies. Interacting with your audience, graphically editing your channel outlook, investing in quality equipment, streaming consistently and using social networks can help improve your stream channel. Streamers also buy Twitch views to gain popularity and attention to promote their channels.

The following are five main ways to increase the popularity of your stream channel and earn more followers and views:

  1. Create a Consistent Time Plan for Streaming

Consistency is the best way to attract and maintain your followers. Your audience needs your content frequently to stay tuned and watch your content. Waiting for streamers who take ages to broadcast can be tedious. Scheduling the frequency of your posts helps earn your viewers’ trust and urges them to view your posts regularly. You can also give your gamers a hint on the game you will be playing next. Having an idea of what a streamer will do next will make viewers want to return. 

  1. Invest in High-Quality Streaming Tools

Standard streaming tools are camera, microphone, webcam, gear, lighting etc. The output quality depends on the quality of the equipment you use when streaming. Getting the right gear improves your streaming capabilities. High-quality digital cameras ensure clear broadcast images and expressions during the gameplay. Once you reach out to your gamers, they need to hear and participate in the game. You should use good microphones to involve your gamers in the gameplay.  Super quality streaming tools help in ensuring your broadcast outputs are quality and likable. 

  1. Choose the Right Games to Play on Your Channel

Right games mean new and unique games in the market. Strive to get hold of new releases before everyone gets them. Know which games your audience likes. Secure games which everyone is dying to check out. You can creatively play games which you are passionate about. This will attract more viewers and followers and showcase the huge variety of playstyles, e.g., speedrun, walkthrough, etc. Another hack is researching niche games that haven’t been played from gaming websites. This diversifies your page collection.

  1. Involve Your Audience During Live Streaming

Involving your audience when streaming makes them feel comfortable, loved and appreciated. They will want to visit your twitch channel more often. Most gamers prefer streaming than just watching videos games online because of their interaction with the streamers. It makes them feel like they are participating in the gameplay. When broadcasting, you can chat via chat room, have interactive talks with the audience, ask questions and call audiences’ names from the comments. Close interaction with the audience is the best way to gain more followers and keep your viewers coming back for more streams.

  1. Promote Your Channel by Networking

You can use social networks for advertising your channel and making more people aware of your channel on Twitch. Streamers can use the popularity of social media to their advantage. Viewers can identify with you better when you use social networks. You can also form networks with other big streamers, attend Twitch events and participate actively in the Twitch community. Playing with other established streamers by teaming up with them can also help grow your channels and form potential allies. 


Making your channel popular means success as a streamer. You can use social networks to improve your channel performance. Your goal as a streamer is to earn more views and followers to earn more commission. Maintaining consistency and creatively playing non-congested games in the streaming business is the best way to ensure the popularity of your channel.

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