5 Top Paraphrasing Tools to Nail Any Essay Assignment

Paraphrasing online instruments are widely used by people with differing needs – some resort to such tools for work purposes, and others need these for studies. No matter why a person decides to use a paraphrasing program, the requirements are the same: the tool must be useful, work fast, and generate plagiarism-free unique text.

In the following article, we selected the paraphrasing tools that will work for everyone. Whether a person is a writer on the Essay Writer website or a college student, they can find the rephrasing tool that will satisfy their needs for sure. Some of these are free of charge; however, the majority have a specific price; thus, we also considered the financial side.

Word AI – one of the giants among the paraphrasing tools

Word AI deserves special attention from the users as this tool applies artificial intelligence. The advanced technology allows the instrument first to analyze the entire content and understand it. As a result, the Word AI will rewrite the article to look as if a human writes it. Thanks to artificial intelligence at the core of the program, the outcome is more organic and readable. Therefore, if high-quality is everything for a person, Word AI might be the right choice. EssayPro Review can also be useful for you. 

One of the most convenient features of the tool is that a user can paraphrase not only one, but ten, or even thousands of texts at one click. It is worthy to note that English is not the only built-in language. In the Word AI thesaurus, people will find Italian, French, Spanish, and several other languages. 

What is more, the users will be surprised by the Tense integration that is nearly perfect. A user receives a text with flawless grammar and correct spelling. Finally, Word AI stands out against lots of similar tools due to the opportunity to spin images, add styling, and videos, as the program supports HTML.

At the same time, there is one disadvantage of the instrument. Word AI is not cheap. The program offers three days of free usage, and after this, you can choose one of the two options. The first one is a monthly plan which accounts for $49.95. The second one is a yearly plan that costs $347 per year. High pricing is due to the broader opportunities and high quality of the paraphrased content.

SpinnerChief – online paraphrasing solution for anyone

SpinnerChief is among one of the widely used rephrasing instruments. This online tool is a tireless assistant, as it can generate thousands of the rephrased texts or articles in a minute! The most important thing is that the quality of the content does not suffer from the quantity of the texts a user generates one by one. Every single piece that comes from the SpinnerChief is unique and plagiarism free.

What makes the instrument so unique is that it applies a Statistical Replacement Technology (SRT). The technology is relatively new and allows us to use statistical synonyms for all the most appropriate words in terms of meaning and context. It could be said that this option is close to the algorithm of Google Translate.

Other features that attract users are the following:

  • Word AI software has both desktop and web versions.
  • The tool uses ContentBomb software to convert content into different formats.
  • The tool offers a Free and Elite version ($87 for a lifetime usage).

CleverSpinner – the cheapest tool for everyone

When speaking about the users whose financial opportunities are somewhat limited, the CleverSpinner is the best possible choice. However, a low price does not mean that the tool is less effective than many other paraphrasing tools. The CleverSpinner helps to generate content that is fresh and new. 

It is possible to boost the original text using this instrument if it is too complicated for an average reader. Since the program identifies the context, it chooses the most appropriate synonyms for every word. What is more, the program applies Copyscape to define the percentage of the text’s uniqueness. 

The users need to copy the original text and paste it into the specific box in the application. That is it! The price for this tool accounts for only $9.90/month. However, if a person is not ready to spend some money before having an idea of how it all works, there is an opportunity to try out three days for free.


People who work in the spheres closely related to SEO know that a useful paraphrasing tool is not that easy to find if you have particular demands. Whatever requests you have, you would like to check out Prepostseo. Users often apply such rephrasing instruments to change the phrases and words in the sentences throughout the entire text. With the Prepostseo program, however, you have an opportunity to both get a new paraphrased text and receive a plag report.

The rephrasing instrument is free of charge; therefore, it is possible to check whether it fits the user or not. With the help of the advanced algorithms and techniques, a person can launch the tool that changes the sentences with synonyms so that the text is different from the original one. The context will be the same, though.

People know the Prepostseo paraphrasing instrument as an easy one to use. Some of the features praised the most include the following:

  • The files can be downloaded straight from the PC
  • The content can be copied in the Web and pasted into the box
  • The instrument keeps the structure of the words, creating a coherent text
  • Plagiarism free content
  • Free of charge

An old good Paraphrasing Tool

The Paraphrasing tool is familiar to anybody who works with content. The software was launched years ago. However, the users still consider it one of the most efficient tools for text paraphrasing. Typically, people use this instrument to either rewrite or simply paraphrase the text. 

The users resort to the Paraphrasing tool if they need to diversify the existing content on their websites. Others utilize it to simplify the content that might be hard to read or understand. The instrument applies some algorithms and thesaurus of synonyms to change the text and change the words or phrases.

The program is simple in use; thus, anyone will enjoy it for sure. The only thing a person should do is copy and paste the content they need to rephrase. Then, there will be a request to put a checkmark in the Answer Captcha box. Pressing the ‘Go’ button, a user starts the paraphrasing process.

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