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5 Tips to Make Baby Shower a Blast

The year 2019 saw 3,747,540 babies being born in the U.S. Most mothers would have had baby showers to celebrate their pregnancy and the impending birth of their bundle of joy. 

Baby showers can be fun, but planning them can be cumbersome. Time will creep up on you so quickly that you may not have enough time to prepare the ideal baby shower. 

Putting up a baby shower sign is a great way to start the party, but it is not enough. Here are five tips to help you make any baby shower a blast and not be stressed about it.

Take a Couple of Months to Plan the Event

A baby shower may not sound that big when it comes to planning events, but it is a significant event for the parents-to-be. Therefore, it is recommended that you start planning for the event a couple of months in advance. 

You will have enough time to determine who will be hosting the event, budget, date and time, location, make a guest list, decide the menu, pick the caterer, assign dishes to the mother-to-be’s BBFs, and pick a theme.

Order Invitations, Yard Signs, and Plan for Gifts

A baby shower is an auspicious occasion for the family. After all, it is the arrival of the new family member. The family wants to celebrate this beautiful yet special occasion. Baby shower decoration is an important part of the celebration. Without much thinking, balloon decoration for the baby shower celebration is the perfect choice for everybody. Who doesn’t love balloons? And, when it comes to baby shower decorations, baby shower balloons are number one on the list.

Lawn signs should be pre-booked as you may not get what you want at the last minute. You can customize the sign to suit the temperament of the soon-to-be parents.

More Bookings

You need to make sure that you order flowers, party decorations (balloons and other props) and book a caterer for the baby shower. These bookings should be made at least six weeks before the event. 

You need to make sure that you order all the props for games, prizes, and party favors. Get the dress for the future mother and make sure that it is a few sizes larger as there are still a few weeks before the event.

Re-Confirm Everything

To avoid last-minute cancellations, it is best to re-confirm all your bookings a couple of weeks ahead. Also, try the dress to ensure that it will fit on the day of the baby shower. If you have friends and family cook, then it is best to get their confirmation for the items. 

Also, now is the time to buy groceries and beverages for the event. For non-catering events, ensure that you have enough cutlery, dishes, tableware, and napkins.

Last-Minute Details

Decorate the room the day before. Call all those who have not responded to RSVP so that you get a final headcount. Set up the party props and party favors. Get ready to have fun and enjoy the event.

Using these tips, planning a baby shower can help you make the event a blast that the mother and the guests enjoy and remember for a lifetime. Putting up a baby shower sign and clicking photos with it can capture these memories forever and cherish those moments as your baby grows.

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