5 Tips: How to Handle Discrimination in Your Company

Running a business typically involves juggling a million different challenges all at once. One of these includes managing a team and handling problems that arise in the workplace. 

Unfortunately, discrimination in the workplace is a common occurrence, and something that you as an owner or manager will need to be on alert for. Discrimination can occur in any of your departments, in the hiring process or simply amongst staff members. 

Here are a few ways that you can handle discrimination in your company. 

Be Aware

First of all, you need to be aware of what the different types of discrimination are and how they might occur in your company. Knowing what you’re looking out for will help you to identify issues and understand how they need to be handled. Remember to be sensitive to your team and their needs. 

Being aware will also help you to avoid partaking in discriminatory behaviour yourself as an employer. Certain behaviours towards your employees could constitute retaliation discrimination, especially if your behaviour is directed at particular groups or minorities. 

Take Immediate Action

If complaints arise, or you notice discriminatory behaviour, you must act immediately to put out the fire, take disciplinary action and ensure the emotional wellbeing of your staff.

If you notice recurring behaviour, disciplinary hearings and punishments might not be enough. A staff member or department that recurringly discriminates or harasses another employer will need to be removed from the environment. 

Make Policies Clear

It’s important that you have an anti-discrimination policy in your company, and that it is well-known to all staff members. 

You can work with a legal team in order to better understand and implement this, but it should be known that no form of discrimination or harassment will be considered acceptable in your company. Stipulate the repercussions of such behaviour and make sure all employees are aware of the policies in place. 

Create a Positive Work Environment

Hiring the right people and generating a positive work environment is an important part of limiting the occurrence of such incidents. Initiate team building activities and get-togethers to build positive relationships, and encourage open communication between your staff and yourself. 

Your employees will feel more comfortable approaching you with problems they might be facing if you build a good relationship with them. This can also contribute to improved productivity, which will improve your business.  

Encourage Open Communication

Working on your internal communication can benefit you in more ways than one. Every business owner should seek out new ways to improve internal communication within their company, in order to manage and limit workplace altercations, including discrimination. 

Communicate a culture of tolerance, acceptance and positivity in order to build trust amongst your staff, and watch the staff morale skyrocket. 

Final Thoughts

Having awareness about issues like discrimination and harassment is a vital part of running a company. Where your employee’s wellbeing is involved, you need to know exactly what’s going on and how best to handle things before they get out of hand. 

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