5 Tips for Having a Great Family Staycation

We’ve all had our lives and travel plans turned upside down over the last few years, with canceled flights and closed resorts and destinations causing us and our families some heartache. During all of this, however, some of us have realized that you can have just as much fun staying at home and enjoying a staycation than spending a fortune on traveling to a holiday destination. If you’re planning a staycation, here are some tips that can make it even more fun.

Be a Tourist in Your Own City

You might commute to your job every day and pass museums, landmarks, and interesting places that tourists to your town might travel specifically to see. Chances are you haven’t been to them in years, if at all. Make a list of things that tourists would do in your town or city and do them! Plan day trips from your home hotel and go out and see the local sites and experience the town as if you’re new to the area. Don’t forget to visit a restaurant you’ve never been to for lunch or dinner to make the experience even more authentic.

Take a Break from Normal Responsibilities

It won’t feel much like a holiday if you’re still burdened with cleaning the house and doing the yard work, so get a service in to do it for you for the duration of your staycation. It’ll add extra expense of course, but you wouldn’t be mowing the lawn if you were on a destination holiday, so why should you do it during a staycation?

Go to a Different Golf Course

If you play golf and tend to play most often at the local club, make a day trip of going to play at a course that’s a bit further away that you’ve never been to before. Before you leave, you can spend some time on your golf equipment, cleaning and polishing the clubs and dressing up your golf cart. Spend some time doing things you’ve never had time to do before. You can even replace the hub caps for that tricked out sporty golf cart look.

Hold a Cooking or Baking Competition

Particularly if you have older kids, this one will be a lot of fun. Plan and hold a cooking or baking competition and challenge your family to think outside of the box and the regular food you make all the time at home. For extra style, have a neighbor or friend be the judge and award the prizes so that you can take part too. Of course, you’ll need to get a prize for the winner – maybe even create a floating trophy that you can engrave and award again during the next staycation.

Go Backyard Camping

This one is easy and fun, especially for the younger kids. Put up a tent and fill it with blankets and activities, get some board games or other entertainment that doesn’t need electricity and make a barbecue. This camping night in the backyard is all about pretending you’re out in the woods, away from the comforts of your home. Challenge everyone to not go into the house at all until morning (other than for the bathroom!) and see who lasts the longest without giving in and using a cellphone or tablet. It’s a fun way to spend some quality time as a family without any technological distractions.

Making your staycation fun, exciting and interesting for the whole family no matter their age can be challenging, but thanks to these tips you’ll have no problem finding ways to make your staycation as memorable as a destination holiday.

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