5 Things You Need To Know About For A Perfect Bathroom Basin

The bathroom is an important and unique place in a house or establishment. It is a space people most often occupy and appreciate. Compared to other bathroom fixtures, people don’t give much importance to bathroom basins. However, choosing the perfect basin is just as important as all the other items in the bathroom.

Bathroom basins have evolved. Now, there are tons of designs and forms to choose from. Choosing a basin made with high-quality materials without compromising its layout to fit the bathroom is essential.

Many furniture stores offer a variety of bathroom basins. Many of these stores sell basins from well-known brands online to help customers navigate through them quickly. The prices of the products they offer are also of fair market value. These stores also have a collection of discounted products and promos to benefit their customers. 

Factors like size, shape, and colour should be considered when choosing a bathroom basin. But, of course, the material and type used is also huge factor. 


The sizes of the basins vary depending on your desire. There are mini basins with dimensions as small as 300mm, best for small bathrooms. Big basins also size up to 720mm, fit for more oversized bathrooms.

One example is a mini basin with a matte finish. It has playful colours like pink and green. It is positioned on top of a counter. This will go well for the young ladies’ bathroom.


Bathroom basins come in different forms. The most common shapes are square and rectangular basins. Still, there are many more basin shapes, such as round and oval ones.

The shape of the basin is a huge factor that affects the overall design.

One example of this is a top basin with a unique triangular shape. It has a ceramic finish and has a pure white colour.


The colour of bathroom basins is also an essential factor. From white basins, now there are black and even green ones. Choosing the right colour allows for a more customised option for the bathroom.

These top basins are classy ones. Some basins have a round shape and are made of ceramic. The colour stands out with internal glazing of rose gold and black for its external, for example.


The quality of the basin usually depends on its materials. It has to be both durable and stylish. Ceramic basins are the most common basins with so many designs available. But there are also those made out of marble for a more elegant feel.

These basins have a refined marble finish. In addition, the small countertop’s white marble finish makes it elegant and of high quality.


Factors of a basin also include type. For example, there are countertop, semi-inset, under-counter, wall-hung and many more. Your basin type also allows you to be playful and gives more space for creativity.

Just like a free-standing pedestal basin, having a distinct type. It is rectangular with a white gloss finish. It looks perfect for a minimalist bathroom. High-quality bathroom basins play a considerable role in the overall bathroom vibe. Upon choosing a suitable basin, different factors must be considered. Many online stores have an extensive collection of basins and their accessories. The stores help their customers go through different basin categories.

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