5 Things to Look for In a White-Collar Crime Attorney

It is often said that a lawyer is your best friend in a state of panic. And when it comes to panic due to a white-collar crime, it is best to have an attorney on your side. Well, feeling lost and panicked are not very unusual reactions when one learns that they are being investigated, or worse, charged. And in this state of shock, you don’t have a clear mind to think of your strategy to get out of this mess. That is why lawyers are there to help you out.

If you are in a white-collar business where you are at risk of dealing with people who want to put you on the trial, you might already know the importance of a lawyer, and how an experienced, professional attorney can help you create a strategy to clear all the allegations.

That being said, finding a lawyer isn’t easy – it’s a job where you are staking your life and career. If you get a lawyer who is not ideal, then you are at the risk of losing the case, and possibly your reputation.

Therefore, it is extremely critical that you don’t just go out and get a lawyer but look for specific qualities in a lawyer that would make them an idealwhite-collar crime defense lawyer.

Here are five things to look for in your potential white collar crime attorney.

1.    Experience and Track Record

Experience is first and to consider, it’s the most important thing to look for when hiring a lawyer, especially for a white-collar crime case. The lawyer you are going to choose must have detailed experience and specialization in white-collar crimes. And you can’t just trust references and referrals when your reputation and career are at stake. You need to conduct an interview and check their history and their background to make sure that the lawyer you are selecting has enough experience to deal with even the toughest case of white-collar crime.

Secondly, a track record goes hand in hand with experience. You don’t want someone who only has experience in taking white-collar crime cases, they should also have enough victories to call themselves a good lawyer. You don’t need a lawyer who has lost more cases than they have

2.    Ability to Convey the Information

Obviously, you are not an expert in legal matters, that’s why you need a lawyer to represent yourself. However, it doesn’t mean that your lawyer takes care of everything without your knowledge. In fact, you need to stay informed of every step your lawyer is going to take on your behalf.

You might talk to some people or go on the internet to learn more about the kind of pickle you are in, but all that information is reliable. A lawyer should be responsible and understanding enough to explain to you everything there is to know about your case.

Your attorney should willingly explain to you the situation you are in, along with what steps can be taken, what consequences these steps will bear, and all other ifs and buts.

3.    Professionalism

In simplest of terms, professionalism is described as knowing what to do. When it comes to white collar crime attorneys, you not only expect them to know how to do their job, but they are liable to also tell you how to respond to authorities or what actions to take.

When authorities will first contact you, they’d ask you for your corporation which would supposedly “result in your benefit.” But you cannot just sit there and answer their questions before talking to your legal advisor and learning how much to reveal and what to expect in return. When you talk extensively and openly to an authorized person without having a lawyer present at your side, you put yourself at risk, because everything you say will be on the record and can be used against you in the future. One wrong thing can lead to a pickle bigger than the one you are in now.

Therefore, it is important to let the “profession” do its job – if your lawyer is professionally up to the mark, which they should be, they’ll train you for all the investigations, and what to say in court, if the matters do reach the trial.

4.    You Should Be Their First Priority

When you plan to hire a lawyer, you think it’s obvious that your lawyer will be there for you 24/7 and you can expect them to help you out whenever you want. But that doesn’t turn out to be the case when you actually need them in urgency. Why? Because those lawyers have more than one client at once. And if they are busy somewhere else where they are being more paid, they wouldn’t leave them for you. And you cannot afford that if you are being investigated for a white collar crime.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that the lawyer you are hiring to stand by your side makes you their first and foremost priority. You should be on their speed dial. They need to be with you at every step of the case, and they should keep constant communication with you about every aspect.

If you think that your lawyer cannot provide you all that and you wouldn’t come first when they are fighting for your stand, you should look somewhere else. It never hurts to talk to more than one attorney before making your decision.

5.    Should be Understanding Enough

 It is true that you have hired an attorney to do their job the best way they could, but they shouldn’t do that at the cost of your comfort and mental health. Being investigated for a criminal offense and having your career, reputation, and literal life at stake is not easy for anyone. It would be one of the most stressful events of your life. And your attorney should understand that. They should be sensitive to your concerns, fears, and anxiety.

If they are dismissive towards your mental capacity to deal with things and are actually increasing your stress instead of trying to dial it down, you don’t need them. On the other hand, they might be sensitive enough to recommend therapy counseling, which would be a wise idea for you to implement on.

That said, you don’t need them to go out of their way and make promises that they can’t fulfill with a guarantee. For instance, it is unethical for lawyers to promise guaranteed results – so don’t expect them and be careful if they do actually make these promises.

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