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5 Things Guys Need to Know About Growing Up

Growing up is hard, but it is something each and every one of us has to go through. As a child, we see adults as superheroes and can’t wait to grow up, but as we grow older we begin to realize that life as a child was much easier and much better than life as an adult.

Being an adult has its benefits, you become much more independent and have much more control over your life. Growing up can be stressful and you may feel overburdened at times, but the process is worth it in the end. Below we have listed 5 things guys need to know about growing up.

Crying makes you more human than the contrary

Men are portrayed as mighty, unbreakable, and tough in our society. We live in an era where equality is being normalized, yet we do not spare a second and start to label men with names like “unmanly,” “womanish,” and “weak,” at the mere sight of them expressing their emotions. Most of us are raised with the mindset of patriarchy being respected and equity being opposed; the idea of “men don’t cry” has taught us that being tough and emotionless is what characterizes a man.

It is significant for us to realize that crying does not equal weakness, rather it’s just a way to express oneself, and at times assuage the burden. It makes us stronger, reduces tension, and helps us achieve clarity. We need to be mindful of the actuality that concealing emotions and stifling feelings is not “manly,” but rather damaging, both, physically and mentally.

Keep a good circle of friends

Friends are an integral part of one’s life. There are things we can not share or do with our family, that’s where friends come in. Having close friends is a necessity for all men. Making friends is easy, finding the right people to befriend is the hard part.

You should have friends who you trust enough to share anything and everything with. They should uplift you and help you achieve your dreams and goals. They should not be judgemental when you share something with them, rather they should give you advice and be supportive. Always remember the saying “you are the people you surround yourself with.”

Your appearance doesn’t define you

Your appearance is merely a part of you, however, it is treated as something that defines a person’s whole being. Empowerment is about accepting yourself along with your “flaws.” Your “flaws” are a part of you and make you, you.

Making some personal changes is completely understandable, but we shouldn’t try to “fix” ourselves to fit into society’s narrative of beauty. You are not a machine and you definitely do not need fixing. Most men are insecure about their heights and are scared that they’ve stopped growing. This is mainly due to the myth that guys stop growing around 25.

Focus on yourself

Having goals and dreams is crucial, as we grow up our dreams get rationalized, and instead of wanting to be a pilot, we dream of engineering or medicine. It is important to stay focused on your goals, no matter what they may be, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re incapable of doing something.

Focus on your well-being, exercise, and eat healthy foods. Educate yourself about new things and keep learning new skills. Also, have a few productive hobbies which improve you as a person and allow you to broaden your social circle and skills.

Stay in school, don’t do drugs

Education is a never-ending process and will leave a lasting impact. Education helps produce people of integrity, intellect, and morals. Not only does it promote equality of prospects, but increases literacy rates. This further promotes younger people being mindful of the use and abuse of drugs and substances. Drugs may be intriguing at first but are notorious for ruining uncountable futures. Drug use can complexify or increase the risk of mental disorders such as anxiety or depression. You should never give in to peer pressure and realize right from wrong immediately.

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