5 Simple Steps on How to Apply for Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Hand-tied hair extensions are a trend extension technique, which makes all the customers fall in love after the first installation!

This method of strands fixation has many advantages that distinguish it from other techniques.

First, the hair is fixed in such a way that no one will ever guess that you have done hair extensions.

Second, the method of fixation is safe for health, since the hair stylist does not use hot irons or any other tools that can damage your natural locks. 

Third, you do not lose a single centimeter of hair length. The fact is that during reapplication procedures in fusions or tape-ins techniques, the stylist removes the bonds or tapes, and then reapplies hair strands. 

Hand-tied wefts are sewn into a thin braid. During the reapplication procedure, the hair is unbraided and the extension procedure is repeated again. A perfect option for those customers who want to wear a certain hair length for a long time!

And now let’s dive into details about the process of this extension procedure.

  1. Choose the place of wefts fixation.

This will simplify your work and make it more accurate.

  1. Make a thin and unnoticeable braid around the head.

This braid should not be too tight, otherwise, you can create excessive tension in the root area that can lead to natural hair fallout. At the same time, the braid should not be too loose, for proper fixation of the strands. 

Make sure that the braid is not too close to the hair roots, as it will be uncomfortable for customers.

  1. Sew in a hand-tied weft into the braid.

We recommend using hand-tied wefts. They are thin and light hand-made wefts that are very comfortable to wear. Machine wefts are made with special equipment, they are heavier and larger than hand-made ones. First, they are less comfortable to work with: it is rather difficult to install them so that the extended stands are unnoticeable to others. 

Second, due to their weight, they can be unsafe for the health of the customer’s natural strands.

  1. Make sure that natural hair covers the fixation points of the extended strands.

The braid should be covered with natural hair. 

  1. During the reapplication procedure, first remove the weft and then unbraid the hair.

Make a new braid and resew the weft into it. In no case do not remove the weft with scissors, otherwise, the hair from this bundle will unravel and shed.

To make your work as comfortable as possible and for you to be confident the raw materials are high quality, we recommend you buy the best hair for hand-tied hair extensions. 

You can do this by visiting the site of the hair supplier from Ukraine – I Love Slavic Hair. Here you can buy both ready-made wefts and place an individual order that takes into account all your wishes.

For sure your customers will love this hairstyle!

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