5 Office Cooling Tips

Working in an office from home or a different location? Keeping yourself relaxed is very important. If you’re not in the right level of comfort, it could potentially show in your level of productivity. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to fix this issue. One involves the installation of a better HVAC system.

Office cooling does have its challenges, such as space concerns and placement of the indoor vents. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries builds cooling units with these settings in mind, systems that conform to office spaces. But when an entire office setting is to be cooled for many people, the same brand is recommended.

Here are five suggestions to help cool down your office space:

1. Upgrade an existing system

An office air conditioner won’t last forever. The first signs of this include poor ability to cool the work area when outdoor temps aren’t very high, higher energy costs than before, and leaks emanating from the vents. These are problems common with low-performance split systems. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries again leads in recommendations for this category of AC units.

Their Bronte and Avanti models exhibit excellent climate control in mid-sized and large floor spaces. At their highest, Mitsubishi split systems have over 10 kilowatts of power. Get one installed to instantly receive better air circulation.

2. Don’t block airflow

Reorganizing your office space can do wonders for cooling down the entire area. But even this may not be necessary. Large objects close to the vents are causes for poor air circulation, whereby one area could receive better cooling than the rest of the floor.

Office cooling solutions don’t always have to resort to a temperature change. Move objects around, or get rid of them entirely. You’ll find that the more space there is, the better air can travel.

3. Have your AC unit checked

If the previous tip doesn’t work, have a professional come over to check the health of your AC unit. An HVAC specialist can pinpoint issues that aren’t visible. If the system is ducted, a hole might exist somewhere on the inside. Maybe the thermostat is old and or has a faulty circuit board on the inside. Even worse, the condenser outside might have irreversible damage.

Interested in a split system? Mitsubishi Heavy Industries split units have no ducts, make little noise while running, and are much cheaper than industrial ACs.

4. Upgrade other electronics

Anywhere there are lots of simultaneously running computers, printers, foot traffic, and lights will general warmth. At certain times of the year, they create enough heat to cause discomfort. Older equipment is usually bad at this. Are you using printers or computers that haven’t been upgraded in a while? New electronics are built to run cooler.

But if this isn’t something you can budget for just yet, hiring a business to clean your computers for you will help them operate better. Dust buildup in fans is gradual but when it becomes thick enough to block out air, the processor will heat up, resulting in the space around it increasing in temperature.

5. Find different places to work

Unless you have no choice, moving around the office a bit can help keep you cool. If the weather’s nice, try getting some work done outside, or even at home. A reduction in bodies around the office produces less heat and energy.

Overall, changing your AC unit is the best long-term solution for solving cooling problems in the office. Get a quote from a reputable HVAC seller to help your team stay focused on the tasks you have at hand.

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