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5 Most Common Kitchen Faucet Problems and The Solutions

I have seen so many people blaming manufacturers for kitchen faucet problems without understanding that they are equally responsible for this trouble. Although you cannot deny the fact that many products have inbuilt issues but how you handle, matters a lot. 

You must be kind to sensitive faucets for longer shelf life. Still, you have to be mentally prepared to tackle those issues. Whether it is the matter of installation, leakage, or any other problem, you will feel hopeless unless you get it properly. So, be patient and have faith. 

I am going to tell you the 5 most common problems your kitchen faucet may fell in. Let’s dig in. 

Kitchen faucet problems – 5 most common issues

Here we go most common issues of faucet with their solutions that you are either facing or may encounter in the future.  

Improper installation

This is one of the most complaints I have heard. We prefer working but dive cluelessly. I appreciate being a DIYer but everything suits its corresponded parameters. What they do is randomly pick any tool and pretend a plumber to their gentle appliances, most importantly kitchen faucets and have improperly installed faucets. 

You have to avoid this mistake of haphazard installation. I advise you to spare a few minutes to carefully read the faucet manually. As there is a huge variety of features among different brands and even among different models of the same brand. When you clearly get what accessories, you have in the package and what need to buy from the store, buy them first. Then go for the right tools. 

Never use alternative tools as they may result in improper sealing and other issues. When everything is ready go for a faucet installation guide and have your DIY, the task accomplished. If you simply follow these steps, I guarantee, you will never ever face any faucet issue. 


What could be more annoying than a leaking faucet? Nothing else! The constantly dripping sound of water frustrates when your work on the stove and you cannot do anything but bear. 

These faucet leaks come for many reasons. If it is improperly installed, old enough, or if you mishandle new faucet. So, before making any final statement about this issue, you must know how you can fix it. 

If you installed yourself and made an error, reconsider the above-mentioned mistake and work as prescribed. You will see when it is mounted accurately, there will be no leaks. 

If the leakage is due to the old age of the faucet, it is not your fault as it has completed the shelf life and now causing trouble. To deal with this problem, you need to work on the parts, particularly the O-ring. If you find it worn, buy a new ring and fit there. In most of these cases, the faucet needs replacement. 

Water pressure issues

Not getting powerful water annoys, especially when you are getting late and have to finish the pile of greasy dishes. It is still not because of your mishandling because tap water contains plenty of minerals that tend to sediment the aerator. This build-up makes a slimy layer that prevents the water to flow in pressure and as a result, you get annoyed. 

To deal with this, I prefer to give a thorough clean up round to the faucet part, the aerator. Take it out from the faucet and soak in vinegar water for about 10-15 minutes, after that rinse with hot water. It will help detach all the slimy material and debris. If the condition of the part is quite bad and there are tons of debris, take an old toothbrush and make it clear. 

It is also recommended to schedule faucet clean up monthly for impressive water flow. 


Rust is the main killer of the faucet as it can functionally fail the faucet. If you ever see the signs of rust in the water, don’t ignore it as rust could be damaging for you and definitely, for the faucet. Internal connections are at risk of the rust and are prone to lose that results leakage.  

Whenever you see this happening, consider replacing your faucet or at least give a deep cleansing round to remove as much rust as you can.

Tangled hose

This is the problem you may face but it is resoled on its own. Due to the temperature fluctuations, the hose may get tangled with the handle but you don’t need to worry, it will detangle after some time and will not damage the faucet. 


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