5 Impressive Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

Is direct mail marketing dead alongside the rest of traditional marketing channels?

No. Quite the contrary — it’s alive and kicking.

If you’re considering a direct mail marketing campaign for your business, but you’re just not sure if it’s worth the investment yet, we’ve got 5 incredible reasons why you should take the plunge.

1. Direct Mail Marketing Has Great Response Rates

We’re going to start by dispelling the urban legend that direct mail marketing has poor ROI. It’s not the case. As it turns out, direct mail offers better response rates compared to many digital marketing channels.

Don’t believe us?

A study by the Data & Marketing Association showed a 5% response rate where consumers had not previously engaged with the brand. Even more impressive, the study showed a 9% response rate where consumers had engaged with the brand before. 

2. The Mailbox Is Less Competitive

The high response rates can be explained due to the lack of competition in the mailbox compared to online.

Marketing as a whole has drifted towards digital. While digital marketing has its obvious benefits too, this transition has caused consumers to become overwhelmed by digital advertising. 

Banner blindness refers to consumers looking past adverts, which accounts for some of the reason why many digital marketing channels offer low click-through and conversion rates. Around 86% of consumers have banner blindness and simply won’t notice digital adverts.

Whereas in the mailbox, there is far less competition as there’s less physical mail and far fewer physical adverts. They stand out and consumers are far more likely to engage with them. 

3. Direct Mail Marketing Is Trackable

Those who have sworn off traditional marketing channels often cite a lack of tangible return on investment as the reason. The reality is, direct mail is very trackable now thanks to digital marketing practices and better technologies.

For example, businesses can opt to use custom landing pages only available on their direct mail adverts. Similar to this, you could use a custom phone number or an exclusive offer.

By using any of these techniques, you know anyone visiting your site, calling that specific number, or using that offer are all leads brought in from your direct mail marketing campaign.

4. It’s Personal

The 21st-century consumer loves personalization. So much so, that it’s no longer a preference, but an expectation. It increases both response rates and conversion rates.

Direct mail marketing can be as personalized as you want it to be. Modern printing companies can offer a huge variety of customization options at scale. So you can send out a unique advert to every prospective customer. 

5. It’s Tactile

One of the reasons consumers suffer from banner blindness is no matter how creative you are with your ads, for the most part, they all just look the same. They all have to fit in a certain format depending on the platform and consumers can’t touch them or engage with them.

On the other hand, direct mail offers more creativity. You can send scratch cards, use textures, and even send 3D objects. All this gives businesses a better chance to catch the eye of consumers. 

Don’t Write Off Direct Mail Marketing

These five benefits go to show that businesses shouldn’t write off direct mail marketing as a great channel for a campaign. It offers better response rates and more creative options than many digital platforms, helping to engage and entertain consumers. We have more helpful business advice on our blog, so make sure to have a look. 

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