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5 Essential Parts of a Wristwatch and Their Uses

Maybe you want to know more about your wristwatch or simply like learning something new about timepieces, whatever be the case, knowing the different parts of a watch is essential. For wristwatch lovers, this may act well as a refresher—or a way to reflect on the basic language surrounding watches. 

While there are different essential parts of a wristwatch, some will be similar to others. There are some parts on the outer parts of the watch that we encounter its use daily, and there are others embedded into the inner workings of the wristwatch. Here are the basic parts of a wristwatch you should know. 

  1. Bezel

One of the first essential parts is the bezel. A bezel is the top portion of a watch’s case and may have a single or multiple layers. Some Breguet Watches only have one bezel layer, while others may have more. This is the glass portion that surrounds the dial and extends to the end of it. The bezel does not have any other purpose other than to prevent the view of the dial from being obscured. It also acts as a door jam to keep the crown firmly in place. Bezels come in many different shapes and sizes and include brushed, frosted, and satin styles. They are usually curved so that they will fit the shape of the face of a dial.

A bezel usually has a raised, polished finish. It may also be finished with rubies, emeralds, or other precious stones. Other times they may be made with metal, plastic, or leather. You can move the bezel up and down to display the time or rotate. Other times it can be moved horizontally along the band of the watch, which is called a crown.

  1. Dial

The second essential part of a watch is its dial. The dial is the visible part of a watch that most people can see. The dial may be engraved, raised, domed, or even textured. Some dials are divided into two sections by a central divot, called a minute bezel.

  1. Strap

The third essential part of a wristwatch is the strap. Some straps are made of leather, stainless steel, or wood. Fashion wristwatches may have more fancy straps designed with shiny stones or fabric. This band is often made with links, rivets, or decorative metal links. The jeweler may engrave the band with decorations.

  1. Movement and Hands 

A movement inside the watch may also be a separate piece. The movement may be battery-operated, manual winding, electronic automatic, or quartz. The hands may be simple or may include numbers, diamonds, or other ornamental embellishments. The face is the front of a watch and has the essential details, date, and other features. A chronograph is a watch that has a display screen that counts seconds, minutes, and hours. This type of watch is generally used by athletes and is designed to monitor their performance. Some watches have other features such as timers and calculators.

Many people wear watches for more than one reason. Some may use it to tell time, others to measure depth while diving, others are just for fashion purposes. The type of watch movement you choose should also depend on what you minted to use the wristwatch for.

  1. Crystal

Crystal is one of the essential parts of a watch. It is often made from precious metals such as platinum or white gold. This component is vital in the creation of most watches because it determines color perception. 

  1. Lugs 

Lugs are another essential part of a watch. It is made of thin materials such as stainless steel and is decorated with stones and jewels. It is attached to the side of the case using a screw thread or a pin. It connects the strap to the case. These bands are usually made of rubies, diamonds, or sapphires. It is placed on the outer part of the watch and is attached using a strap or a buckle.

  1. Case 

The case of a wristwatch is essentially the outer part of a watch where all the internal working parts exist. Depending on what kind of watch it is made of, It’s commonly made of stainless steel since stainless steel is very sturdy and handles light shocks the watch’s body receives. It’s also usually composed of other metals such as gold or silver and plated plastic (buckle-less watches). These are all ways to make the case of a watch look more attractive.   


There are many parts to wristwatches. However, the basics like the bezel, the case, the movement, and the crown are the essential parts. In addition, other essential functions of a timepiece include the time and date. If you want to know more about timepiece anatomy, you may consult with a wristwatch specialist knowledgeable about watches.

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