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5 Countries where people prefer having a personal boat

Boating is becoming one of the most preferred holiday spending options for people. There are more than enough obvious reasons for the same – boating is refreshing and chilling, it’s a good way to bond with your family and friends, it is more affordable than a long holiday package, it’s a good exercise and fishing! Visit Amarine Store to check all boat accessories and information online.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, the boating industry has shown considerable growth because boatingserve the purpose of a good vacation and not ruins the Covid-19 safety measures at the same time. After the peak period of the pandemic, people are spending their savings buying a new personal boat for themselves and their family since it satisfies their longing for a vacation.

People of some countries prefer buying a personal boat more than other people because of their traditional and geographical reasons. Countries with long coastlines and canals are some determinant reasons for this unequal distribution. So let’s look at the countries where people prefer buying a personal boat the most –

1. USA – Boating is quite common across Americans. The geographical location and the economic advancement of the US make boating a convenient option for people. 90% of Americans live less than an hour of distance from a navigable body of water beneteau yachts for sale. Some of the famous destinations in the US for boating are –

•             Newport, Rhode Island

•             San Juan Island, Washington State

•             Lake Superior, Michigan

•             Lake Havasu, Arizona

•             Lake Champlain

2. Canada – Canada is home to 20% of the world’s freshwater. Just like in the US, 90% of the people live an hour close to water bodies. Canada is rich with beautiful waterfalls and lakes. A few destinations for boating in Canada –

•             Niagara on the late, near Niagara falls

•             Lake Erie

•             Princess Louisa Inlet, British Columbia

•             Trent-Severn waterway, Ontario

•             Good Spirit Lake, Sastakchewan

3. Malta – Malta is situated in the southern part of the Mediterranean Sea and has a heritage for maritime. The country has excellent weather, good port facilities, and maritime services. These exceptional features make Malta an ideal location for yachting and sailing activities. Here are the best places in Malta to visit on a boat –

•             Dwejra Bay, Gozo

•             Comino

•             Golden bay

•             The Grand Harbour

•             San Blas

4. Netherlands – Netherlands stands out for its canal connections spread throughout the country. These canals make the cities of the Netherlands look fascinating. This is possible because 26% of the Dutch land lies below sea level. Besides canals, there are some spots for boating around the capital city Amsterdam –

•             Historical River Estates

•             Amstel River Countryside

•             Leisure Lakes

•             Haarlem

•             The Big Lake (Zuiderzee)

5. France – France has the world’s second-largest maritime surface and has an 18,000km long coastline. There are also canals stretching far into the deep countryside. France has long been a maritime nation and has a huge population of nautical enthusiasts. Some of the areas to go boating in France are –

•             Canal de Roanne a Digion

•             Canal du Centre, Loire

•             Canal du Midi

•             Canal du Nivernais

•             The River Yonne

Every country has its own laws, license, and policies for boating. Similar to that, every other destination may suit different types of boats (fishing, deck, bowrider, catamaran, etc.) andboat accessoriesaccording to the geographical conditions and needs. Check genuine boat accessories on Some places are good for fishing, some for water sports, and some for exploring the city through canals.

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