5 Common Hemp Mistakes to Avoid for New Users

Hemp and CBD are becoming more legalized throughout the United States as the health benefits they present become more clear and abundant. But walking into a local retailer that carries CBD or hemp can lead to a lot of questions and mistakes.

Is there such thing as too much and how do you know if you picked a good product?

We’ll break down the 5 most common hemp mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. No QR Code

This should be the first thing you do when looking at a CBD or hemp product. The QR code that is found on these products is used to tell you where it was tested at, where it came from, and what the test results were.

There is a law that requires all this to be found on CBD products. But many companies will maneuver around this by shipping straight to stores and saying they will send the QR code later.

This can lead to getting an insufficient product that does not get the desired results. Labels on products must always be read.

2. Knowing the Difference Between Full and Broad Spectrum

CBD and hemp products are broken up into three categories, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate.

With full-spectrum, you are getting a specific amount of THC (legally under 0.3%) per serving. This is done to increase the entourage effect and the benefits of hemp.

Broad-spectrum is the process of filtering out THC, but still keeping the other cannabinoids found in hemp products. This ensures the entourage effect can still take place, without the worry of having any THC in the system.

CBD isolate is when every other cannabinoid has been filtered out of the product. CBD isolates are typically used in specialty products like gum and shakes because it is easier to flavor.

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3. Expecting Results Right Away

Just like with any other herbal supplement or prescription even, CBD and hemp will take time to work. The endocannabinoid system takes time to activate in the body and will take a little bit to work. CBD and hemp are meant for your long-term health.

If you’re looking to use it for sleep or anxiety, it may work decently fast. Especially since tinctures can utilize the oil by putting it underneath the tongue.

But for inflammation and other uses, you should minimally look to see results no sooner than 2 weeks. People have even noted taking CBD or hemp for over a month before they started seeing results.

4. Taking Too Much for No Reason

Because people often expect results right away, they overdo it on the amount they are taking. The only time you should be taking a decent amount of CBD or hemp is if it is being used for inflammation.

Inflammation can target the entire body, so it requires more CBD than those using it for sleep or anxiety.

5. Using It by the Drop Rather Than the Dropper

One of the most common mistakes is not realizing how to utilize CBD or hemp oil effectively. They will only put a drop or two and think they are getting the full dosage of the product.

If a company says to use the dropper, they are usually referring to a milliliter. The dropper they are using within the product will have the milliliter portion marked on it.

Common Hemp Mistakes: Key Takeaways

Always check your product and never just settle. Pick a quality CBD or hemp product that presents all the information required. We can continue to see the legalization of CBD and hemp because of its benefits for people.

If you enjoyed the article, be sure to check out our blog on a variety of different topics. If you know someone that is interested in trying CBD or hemp, be sure to share this article with them first so they can avoid these hemp mistakes.

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