5 Best Detective Series You Might Have Missed

The detective series niche is special in its own way. People cannot get enough of murder mysteries, and there are some brilliant shows to satisfy your taste. What’s even more interesting is that the niche can adapt to any setting. Whether in Victorian England or a sci-fi setting, detective series caters to a particularly large audience.

But what are the best detective series to watch? No doubt there are some truly excellent picks, but what about series you might have missed? To give you something different than the average pop culture magazine, we’re bringing you a list of the X best detective series you might have missed.


A show that follows detective Nathan Rose as he tries to catch the Ragdoll Killer, Ragdoll offers an interesting take to the whole detective murder mystery niche. Fans of the show will point out the similarities between this show and the 1991 movie, “Silence Of the Lambs.”

The Ragdoll Killer is a violent serial killer where each crime scene is made out of six victims. The victims are horrifyingly pieced together into a sculpture. The killer also leaves a note with six names on it. These are the names of his next victim. At one of the crime scenes, the killer leaves a note with Nathan Rose’s name on it. While the show is particularly dark, it does offer some form of comedic relief. That’s more than enough to break the tension that is constantly building throughout the runtime.

Only Murders In the Building

A show starring Steve Martin, Marting Short, and Selena Gomez, “Only Murders In the Building,” is a particularly different type of detective crime show. The show is set in a luxurious residential building where a man has been killed. What the main cast has in common is that they’re all residents of the building. But what’s even more interesting is that they’re all fans of the same murder-mystery podcast. After the police fail to find any clues, they take it upon themselves to solve the crime.

“Only Murders In the Building” is a comedy, detective-crime, miniseries about three lonely people who have nothing better to do than to solve the crime and expose each other’s secrets.

Mare of Easttown

A show starring Kate Winslet, “Mare of Easttown” is about a cop solving an impossible case. Fans of the show say that this is one of Kate Winslet’s best performances after the Titanic. In Easttown, a local teen girl is killed. The evidence stack up against a close relative, but something doesn’t make sense. The police lack any hard evidence, and the small town is getting restless.

Kate has to balance everything while also dealing with personal traumas. With that said, quite a lot of Easttown residents hide secrets that nobody has known before. While Mare (Kate Winslet) is a good detective, the murder isn’t anything the town has seen in decades. This makes it even more difficult, as the FBI joins in on the case. But Mare won’t let the FBI get all the fame. So she’s on a mission to find the killer.


A classic cop show starring Perry King, Joe Penny, and Thom Bray, “Riptide” is all about a private investigation agency looking to solve cases while getting paid a big fat premium for it. All three PI’s are Vietnam veterans who offer far more than the average PI. The show spans three seasons and follows the three investigators with their helicopter.

The show was quite popular in the 80s, with Penny, Bray, and King becoming cult heroes of the detective crime genre. Unfortunately, the show ended after three seasons with the cast going their separate ways. King had quite a successful acting career after the show, and Penny was also very active on the big screen. In 2004, Joe Penny married Cindy Penny. Not much is known about the pair ever since. Which is all the reason why you should put your detective hat on. But if you’re interested in who Cindy Penny is, check out this post.

The Bridge

The very non-English detective shows on this list, “The Bridge “offers something different than most Hollywood cop shows. The show follows detectives from Sweden and Denmark upon discovering two halves of two different bodies on the bridge that connects both countries. There have been numerous adaptations of this particular crime, but “The Bridge” (Broen/Bron in Danish/Swedish translation) is by far the best one.

Hollywood even tried to make their very own adaptation of the same crime but on the US/Mexico border. It’s safe to say that the Nordic show is far superior and more entertaining. Without spoiling too much, “The Bridge” is a show everyone should give a try.

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