5 Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

You don’t need any new equipment to do video marketing.

That may sound like a bold claim. But when you consider that nearly every business already has a smartphone, a product, and access to YouTube, it becomes much easier to comprehend.

If you’re still not sure, here are 5 benefits of video marketing.

1. Bring Your USP to Life

A well-made video can showcase your unique selling point to your customers and clients. 

Websites are excellent for reading on the go and providing a wealth of useful information bout your business, but sometimes there’s only so far words can travel.

In particular, if your product struggles to shine with just an image and description, a video can work wonders for promoting your product or service’s functionality, even for professions that are traditionally photo-driven. Here is an example on Youtube, where a barber showcases his services and has over 1 million views.

2. A Personal Touch

Personalizing your content is most effective if you and your team appear in the video itself.

By linking names and faces, you will build trust amongst your customer base and maximize your reach. Doing this will also increase recommendations to friends and family and word of mouth, as customers will share their videos online with other like-minded individuals.

Personalization is especially effective if you offer a local service or a more bespoke one-to-one experience online. These could include products made-to-order or video services such as counseling and coaching.

3. Improving Your Engagement

Customer engagement is a term you might not be familiar with in its online meaning.

Engagement is one of the key measurements of SEO or search engine optimization. It’s essentially how high you appear on Google searches.

Having a well-thought-out campaign and Jimperial publishing relevant videos on Youtube will help people talk about your business. Google’s complex algorithms for deciding who appears at the top of the web search show include customer engagement.

4. Gain Valuable Feedback

Relating to engagement, you’ll likely receive a large increase in constructive (and not so constructive) criticisms of your work.

But it’s important to remember that all feedback is good feedback. Constructive feedback gives you more information to make sure you aren’t improving your business in the wrong manner.

Further, we’ve all seen those posts on social media where someone accidentally starts an argument, and it gains more traction than your original post. Look at what they are talking about. That could give you a huge clue for your next video!

5. Create Client Opportunities

Many advise starting a blog, posting on social media, or networking on LinkedIn to reach out beyond your existing network.

The best example of this is if you want to go global. At the moment, you may be relatively successful in your area, but if you want to target a wider audience beyond your home town or even home country, video marketing can help with that. 

The best approach is to recruit a video marketing specialist to make the best website design to ensure your video is optimized for search engines. 

Benefits of Video Marketing to Make It Worth Watching

There’s no denying that YouTube dominates the video marketing space. And with good reason. It’s easy to use and can be watched anywhere, making it a great place to start.

Therefore making sure you have your USP and know your customer is key to getting the most out of your video marketing campaign and to enjoying the benefits of video marketing. Now we’ve discussed video marketing, take a look around for more branding ideas.

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