4 Reasons why travelling will make you happy

I am a strong believer that travelling is an awesome way in order to
feel real satisfaction. No matter if you want to travel alone or with
your friends, travelling just opens up so many gates to your life.
It´s a pity that only so few people decide to go on regular
travelling tours, since it´s an awesome way to enlarge your

1. Meet new people

Think of all the new people you are going to meet. I think this is the most
beautiful reason to travel, since you experience so many new
cultures, recognize other people´s way of thinking and overall spend
your time with like minded people. I mean you never know, maybe you
will find some new acquaintances or maybe even the love of your life.
This is the beauty of travelling: You are free and you decide with
which people you want to spend your time. I think it´s really
awesome to daytrade hapiness with other people. Trust me you will
feel fulfilled if you meet a new person every day!

2. Reinvent yourself

You will find a newer version of yourself if you are exposed to nature.
You may will change your view on the world. I mean especially if you
spend your time in other cultures this may be the trigger for you to
find changes to the better. Maybe you never actually thought about
yourself being different. Maybe you will find your true self. If you
don´t travel you will ultimately be stuck in your every day life.
This “normal” life just doesn´t give you the opportunity
to think outside of the box. Trust me you will be much more open
minded if you find the time to travel.

3. Deal with uncertainty

This is by far the most awesome thingabout travelling: Not knowing what is going to happen next. I love
backpacking since I enjoy this curiosity so much. Not knowing where
you are going to sleep this night or what you are going to eat just
fascinates me. You finally have the opportunity to actually be free.
Just drop all of your weight, everything that has happened in the
past doesn´t matter anymore. Live in the moment, enjoy every single
bit of it. Do what you want. If you want to go swimming then do it.
If you want to go hiking then do it. If you want to go to the city
and meet new people then do it. No one is holding you back!

4. Open your eyes

Open your mind! Travelling is the best way to expand your conscious mind.
Meeting so many new people, seeing so many new places and being being
exposed to new situation might actually will be the gate for your
future life. Become a more open minded person. Changes of
perserpective will make you a much more empathetic and satisfied

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