4 Reasons Why Men Should Get a Hand Tattoo

Tattoos have always been associated with the power and ability to withstand pain. They are also a great medium to express yourself. The placement of your tattoo also portrays a significant meaning. Many people often get confused about what design and placement they should choose for their tattoos.

Most men prefer getting tattoos on their hands. They are more expressive and offer more liberty to the tattoo artist. There are many choices for hand tattoos for men regarding design. You can choose from animals, birds and butterflies to geographical shapes and many more. Butterflies make an excellent choice for a hand tattoo as they depict freedom and tenderness. If you are still hesitant about a tattoo on your hand, here are the four reasons you should get a hand tattoo.

  1. Hand Tattoos Are More Expressive

Many people get inked to express themselves. Tats have always been a great medium to express your thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and individuality. Many cultures in history and the modern world have specific types of tattoos that signify that culture or community. As hands are the visible parts of your body, so are their tattoos. That means men who have hand tattoos aren’t afraid of the world and people’s judgments. They are comfortable with their personality, so they don’t care about people’s opinions. So whether they get a giant roaring lion or a delicate flying butterfly, it looks fantastic.

  1. They Depict Courage and Guidance

Human hands are capable of doing multiple things. They enable humans to work, earn a living, and defend themselves and others. Hands are also the symbol of unity and leadership. That means hand tattoos for men symbolize the ability to unite and guide people and fight the obstacles in the way. Most men who get hand arts prefer to get bigger and more complex designs as they have a lot of space to experiment. That’s why tattoos with longer sentences and words look good on their hands.

  1. Improves Self-esteem and Confidence

Many people who already have tattoos would agree that their tats have significantly improved their confidence. The procedure for body art involves the ink needle piercing your skin to introduce the ink into the inner layer of your skin. As the needle is very sharp and penetrates the skin multiple times within a second, getting inked can be very painful. Many people pass out while getting tattooed.

When you get a tattoo, you go through that excruciating pain. And if you can withstand such pain, nothing else can hurt you. That’s why people with inked arts feel more confident and energetic. It also means the bigger the design, the bigger the capacity to tolerate pain. It gives you the ability to tolerate and face other challenges in your life.

  1. Hand Tattoos Are Attractive and Appealing to Women

Dear men, ladies dig the hand tattoos. They find it very attractive and sexy. A dagger, sword, or snake are also considered phallic symbols. That means they depict deeper intimacy and sex appeal to your opposite gender.

Getting a tattoo is an act of courage, and it gives you more strength to deal with problems. Who would have thought a simple tattoo on your hands has so much meaning and importance? Now that you know why it’s a good idea to get your hand inked, it’s time to book an appointment with your tattoo artist.

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