4 Effective Tips for Getting Your Body Bikini-Ready

Summertime can either be exciting or anxiety-inducing depending on which side of the body image fence you’re on. If you have a few pounds to lose or your body’s tone is not exactly where you want it to be yet, know that you have plenty of time to make changes right now. All it could take is a few improvements to your daily routine and adopting better habits. There are also treatment options that you could look at. Here are a few effective tips for getting your body bikini-ready for the summer.

Increase Your Protein Intake

One thing a lot of people don’t understand about nutrition is that calories are not all the same. The calories-in calories-out mantra is not entirely true, and this might be difficult for most people to grasp because it has been ingrained in us for so many years. What’s often overlooked is how much more energy it takes to process certain foods. Simple carbs, for instance, require less energy to process than complex carbs. And protein requires more energy to process than both of them. 

If you want to lose weight more easily and comfortably, try to aim for your daily calorie maintenance level, but increase how much protein you consume daily. Your calorie maintenance level is the minimal number of calories you need to maintain your body without entering a deficit. If you want to know what that daily calorie maintenance level is, you can check out this calculator

Protein will not only require more energy to be digested, but it will also help maintain and tone your muscle tissue. Muscle tissue requires energy too, and the more you have, the more your body will burn energy in a resting state. So, find ways to add protein from different sources such as legumes, fresh meats and dairy, whole grains, and even supplements if needed.

Have a Well-Rounded Fitness Routine

In addition to ingesting more protein, we suggest that you add some strength training to your fitness routine. Strength training will add tone to your body and allow you to burn more fat in between your sessions. Strength training exercises are also very demanding from a caloric standpoint. Do a healthy mix of cardio and strength-oriented exercises if you want to burn fat as fast as possible.

Make Smarter Food Choices

You don’t need to deprive yourself of delicious foods when trying to lose weight. Sometimes, all it takes is for you to make simple substitutions. You could switch from white bread to whole-grain pita or tortillas for sandwiches for instance. You could even eat your favorite sandwiches open-faced. If you like fried foods, try to see if you could enjoy them grilled, baked, or braised instead. This will be particularly helpful when trying to find healthy options at fast-food restaurants.

Look for Specialized Treatments

There are so many treatments today that can help lean out and sculpt your body. Some are more immersive than others and some are cheaper. You need to look at the different options out there and the pros and cons of each so you can find the best one for you.

If you want results fast, liposuction is still a widely sought-after treatment. If you have always been wary about going for treatment, know that complications are becoming increasingly rare as doctors are getting savvier with the procedure. The most important part is being informed and working with the right team.

Do these four simple things and you should look much better by the time summer comes. It’s all about being disciplined and understanding how your body and nutrition work.

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