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4 Creative Wedding Ceremony Seating Ideas

In 2020, there were more than 1,267,877 weddings. As you begin to plan your wedding, there are several things you think about, from the food served during the wedding reception to the wedding ceremony seating.

If you’re scrolling through this post, we understand how essential it is to have the right wedding seats for your guests. Get ready to say ‘I Do’ after you check out this post.

1. Floor Poufs

If you’d prefer to have a laidback wedding that’s not structured in the traditional sense, you’re going to want to use poufs. These poufs are the perfect way to spruce up your wedding while increasing the sense of comfort for all guests.

This type of seating is perfect for those that want to have a Bohemian wedding or another wedding theme that promotes creativity and freedom. You can also throw in some blankets for guests if your wedding will be during the cooler months.

2. Elegance in a Seat

For some brides, traditional wedding seats are the best and most classic way to walk down the aisle. There is nothing more timeless than choosing folding chairs as the primary seating to have at your wedding.

Another advantage to using folding chairs is that you can dress them up with satin chair cover or ribbons. While folding chairs enhance your wedding look, they can be hard to move, but if you need to know more, check out this informative video.

3. Pallet Benches

If you’re a couple that enjoys doing things yourself, you’re going to love this DIY wedding seating. All you need is a couple of old pallets and a couple of nails, and you’ve got the perfect seating for your wedding.

If you feel like it, you can always find a color you love to paint the benches, or you could find some decorative pillows to throw on them. Don’t forget comfort is key during a wedding.

4. Keep It In the Loop

Because of Covid-19, many couples opt for smaller weddings, and if that sounds like something you’re doing, this next seating arrangement is perfect. Take your folding chairs and place them in a swirl formation.

Ensure that you leave room in the middle for you and your partner to recite your vows. Another reason couples choose this seating arrangement is that not only does it make for great wedding photos, it’s also the best way to keep guests close, so they don’t miss a single thing you say.

Wedding Ceremony Seating 101

When it comes to wedding ceremony seating, there are several ideas you can choose from. If you want something laid-back and follows a go-with-the-flow theme choose poufs, but if you want to keep things classic folding chairs are always a great choice.

Are you ready to say “I Do”? Great, but before you go, don’t hesitate to check out the other posts we’ve created in this section now. 

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