4 Common Solar Panel Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Solar energy might seem like a “far out” concept, but it’s becoming more common every year.

In fact, the year 2019 saw as much as 40% of new stored electricity coming from solar energy sources. Given the benefits of solar energy, it’s not hard to see why so many people are choosing to add it to their homes.

If you’re considering solar panels for alternative energy, there are a few mistakes and misconceptions that you should know about. Keep reading to learn about the most common solar panel mistakes.

1. Thinking You Need to Go “Off the Grid”

Many who buy Solar panels assume that they will be “off the grid” for good. However, just because you’re investing in the benefits of solar energy doesn’t mean you need to detach from the utility grid.

This is one of the most common solar panel mistakes because many people don’t realize that, while solar panels can harness energy, there still needs to be a method of storage. If you stay on the grid, then you can use the power lines for this purpose.

To be truly “off the grid,” you will need to purchase a separate battery to power your home. This will store the solar energy you’ve already gathered for later use. These might eat into your solar panel budget though, as they tend to be pretty costly.

2. Not Having Battery Backup

If you’re choosing solar panel designs that stay “on” the grid, you’re relying on power lines to store your energy. Likewise, if the power goes out, you will be disconnected from this stored energy.

While not completely necessary, you will need a battery backup if you want to be sure that you won’t lose power in case of an outage. Otherwise, make other preparations accordingly.

3. Choosing the Wrong System Size

Another one of the most common solar panel mistakes is choosing the wrong system size for your home. Rather than using a single month of utilities as a reference point, look at your peak energy months to gauge your usage.

It’s best to consult with professional solar installation services if you want the most accurate estimate of how much energy you’ll need.

4. Assuming Solar Panels Are Too Expensive

It’s true that installing solar panels for homes isn’t cheap. But it’s not so expensive that it won’t be worth the investment.

One of the benefits of solar energy is that it pays off over time. If you’re not sure, then take your current utility bill and see how it adds up every year.

Depending on the system you install, compare that to the amount (kWh) of energy you’ll be saving. You might find it pays off sooner than you thought.

Avoiding Solar Panel Mistakes

As with many things, the easiest way to avoid solar panel mistakes is by doing thorough research beforehand. Reach out for professional help to be sure you’re getting your plans right. Then, once your sure, you can start the process of installing your system.

Switching to Solar Energy

Many people are avoiding the switch to solar energy because it sounds too expensive or too complicated. The truth is, it’s neither of those things. Now that you know the most common solar panel mistakes to avoid, you’ll be better equipped for your switch to solar energy.

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