4 Benefits of Percussive Massages

Those who have been working out for a while and are looking for options to enhance their performance and recovery will have come across percussive massages and therapy. These massages and therapies have become quite popular and even though some of their benefits are well documented, you might be wondering if they would be a good investment for you. To help you decide, we are going to look at four health benefits of percussive therapy and massages.

Increased Flexibility

Range of motion and stiffness are two crucial determinants of how you can work out and how you will feel after you do so. People who are less flexible are usually at a higher risk of injury and soreness and this is why athletes warm up before exercising or competing. Research done by various bodies has shown that five minutes of percussive massage can help increase range of motion in various muscles. This increased range of motion translates directly into improved flexibility and thus a lower risk of injury.

Helps with Chronic Pain

There are a lot of options available to those living with chronic pain and massage is just one such option. The University of Oxford did a study that showed percussive therapy could help relieve pain in people who live with chronic pain. They showed that the high frequency stimulations produced by the massage gun used in these therapies could help block or mask pain, providing some relief.

Improved Performance

Percussive massage helps with athletic and workout performance by working aggressively and deeply into the muscles. This helps increase the supply of blood and thus nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, both of which help the muscles work better and harder even for sustained periods.

Additionally, using a massage gun such as a Theragun helps decrease cramps and muscle pain that a lot of people experience after working out. By helping accelerate the healing and recovery process, you get back to working out faster. 

Improved performance and faster recovery are two main reasons why even Olympians and competitive athletes use percussive devices like the Theragun Prime as it is part of their workout routines. Many even use it before working out to warm up. Theregun seeks to provide various wellness solutions for all types of athletes and everyone who works out, and their high-performance Theragun models are one such solution. You can check out the different options available on SSENSE, a high-end fashion and accessory retailer. Such options range from targeted massage guns to foam wave rollers.

Percussive Therapy Can Help You Sleep Better

Biostrap, a sleep-tracking specialist, conducted a test on the effects of percussive therapy on sleep. They found that using a Theragun for five minutes 30 minutes before bed helped about three-quarters of the participants get better sleep. Additionally, about 90% of all participants fell asleep faster, with over 70% of them saying they experienced fewer disruptions through the night. 

While percussive therapy works differently for everyone, some universal benefits have been observed in those who use them for various needs. Invest in a massage gun to find out what works for you as well as the benefits you can get from it.

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