4 Awesome Scrapbooking Ideas and Hacks For Creative Mamas

Every scrapbook page is a visual interest for moms. Whether it’s a simple gathering or any special event — mothers use scrapbooking to document memories from the everyday lives of the family.

But for a busy mom who has limited time to fill-up scrapbook pages with ideas, what are the options? Don’t worry, we hear you! We’ve listed down some ideas for a scrapbooking project and hacks to maximize your scrapbooking time.

1. Have your supplies ready

Moms have too much on their plates that sometimes, getting scrapbook supplies already feels like a chore. Is there any area in your house that you can turn into a dedicated space to leave scrapbook supplies? Because if you do, that’d be great, but if not, you’ll have to get creative.

Place your most-used scrapbook supplies in a pouch altogether. Whether it’s a washi tape, a patterned paper, cards, photos, or any decorative elements that can help turn your scrapbook ideas into life. Place them on an empty table or anywhere you can quickly grab them.  This way, if you have spare time, you can just pick them up and get something done.

2. Find resources for inspiration

We get it. We understand that it’s not all the time you can get your creative mind to work. When you’re in a slump, you don’t always have to reinvent and come up with new scrapbooking ideas. Why not find inspiration from different resources?

  • Pinterest – There are tons of scrapbooking ideas on Pinterest. Set up several boards for your inspiration according to themes. Just make sure you don’t take all your time pinning items for ideas and not actually scrapbooking!
  • Scrapbook Kits – You can get kits of various kinds that have everything you’ll need for scrapbook layouts. Coordinating papers and other elements are matched to help you come up with great ideas for your scrapbook. Just follow the instructions, add photos, and place your own creative spin on your design.
  • Coordinating Paper – You can find many patterned papers of various themes in a crafts store. From floral, geometric to anything cutesy that fits your taste, using this paper for layouts ensures that everything in your scrapbook will coordinate. It also lessens the time you need to search for design elements that match.

3. Use printed texts

If you’re not too devoted to your handwriting for whatever reason, you can go out of your way to avoid writing by printing texts. But there should be a fine line with that as you also need to use your handwriting sometimes for a “personal” touch.

Why did you start scrapbooking, and who is it for? If it’s for your kids or grandkids in the future, then you should at least use your handwriting sometimes to make your scrapbook pages more special.

For moms who are short on time, typing and printing journals rather than writing them can save you from efforts. Print them on a solid cardstock, cut them into strips, add some fun doodling, and then use a washi tape to include them on your layout.

4. Add time on your calendar

With so many things happening in life, if you don’t set a schedule for your scrapbooking, there’s a big chance of it not happening. Try to block off an hour or two on your weekend schedule. You can even do it on weekend evenings after your kids are all in bed.

Set Goals

It’s quite helpful to set small goals. For instance, you can set it up on your schedule that this month you’ll go through preschool art projects. Or, you can commit yourself to finish one layout every month (as long as it feels reasonable). 

By having a goal, you can keep yourself focused on scrapbooking and less likely to get overwhelmed.

Craft With Other Moms

More heads are better than one. If you run out of scrapbooking ideas and hacks, why not schedule a time to do something creative with your mom friends? Get a group of friends together every couple of months to work on scrapbook projects, drink wine, or simply catch up with each other.

Moms can get stressed out too, and sometimes they become more productive during crafts nights with friends around. Having friends around is always fun and a great way to take a break from all the challenges that come from motherhood.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Don’t make perfection the goal when you create scrapbook pages. It’s more important that you capture memories than have to perfect a layout. Even if you went ahead and used slightly blurry photos, it doesn’t matter as long as they capture that special memory.

This holds true when you finish a page but isn’t 100% satisfied with it. Put in mind that we’re always our worst critics. Let it go…at least it’s another page done.

We hope that these scrapbooking ideas and hacks can help you get those unused papers, photos out of boxes and turn them into a lovely scrapbook. In the future, your children or grandkids would definitely love looking through your scrapbook and remember the fun and special memories together.

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