3 Wise Tips for Marketing on YouTube

Wondering how you can use YouTube for your marketing? Here are some great ways to do so and make the most of the world’s second largest search engine.

1. Set the right thumbnail size.

When advertising on YouTube, you can never underestimate the power that thumbnails have. Although thumbnails might be small, they hold great potential when drawing in viewers to watch. Thumbnails are embedded in players, act as your YouTube channel’s preview, and is usually the first noticeable thing for individuals before they watch the video. It can either repel them or reel them in. One attribute that plays a factor in drawing in viewers is its size There is the best place where you can buy youtube subscribes.

If you want to effectively advertise your eCommerce business on the media platform, you will have to set the correct YouTube thumbnail sizes for your post videos. Having the right thumbnail size will provide a decisive edge over your competition. Small-sized or low-resolution thumbnails are likely to be hurtful and appear blurred to potential viewers and discourage them from watching your marketing video. For this reason, you’ll need to set them with a high resolution and right size, which is 1280 x 720 pixels. You can adjust them in the course of creating your bespoke thumbnails when using any picture editing software.

2. Leverage your description or About section.

Are you aware that the About section or description in your YouTube channel has tremendous marketing potential? It’s the section where you can make an introduction and also give an explanation of what the business or video is about. First-time visitors who stumble upon your business usually go to read the About us section to understand your brand. What you write in this section can help sway your viewers whether to subscribe and patronize your channel or product. It would be best for your brand if you leveraged this portion with informational and dynamic content. You’ll want to expound on your message and emphasize any product info or value you want them to be aware of, particularly if they are new viewers. This part also provides an avenue for building your brand narrative consistently. 

3. Brand your eCommerce consistently across various platforms.

The YouTube channel you’re using should be an extension of your eCommerce business. So they should have an identical feel so your existing and prospective clients can easily identify you. Whether it’s your social media platforms such as YouTube or eCommerce site, your brand needs to be consistent. Averagely, it takes up to seven impressions for your brand to be memorable to an individual.

The benefits of YouTube views are huge. For the potential viewer to picture your brand and remember it later, they will need to have seen your post at least five times. Because of this, it’s integral that you come off as the same business for every platform, particularly YouTube. The same applies when updating your website’s contents and changing them into formats like social media posts, infographics, and videos.

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