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3 of the Sweetest Perfume Scents for Spring

There is something special about choosing a fragrance. Especially if you are into having a signature scent. Scents can affect our moods, invoke memories, and inspire confidence in ourselves. If you have been rocking the same signature scent for a while or if you want to switch it up with the changing of the seasons, we have researched some of the best scents for the springtime. Depending on your style and the vibe you want to put out into the world, there are some different elements that you can look for when choosing a scent. With so many perfumes on the market, scent testing dozens of formulas can get overwhelming to your senses. It can be helpful to know what type of scents you are looking for when purchasing a new perfume so you can only test out ones that fit your preferences. So we have narrowed it down into a few categories.

How To Read Perfume Scents

Perfumes come with lingo. You will see fragrances described as having top, middle and bottom notes. The top note is going to be the strongest element of the perfume and will be the scent that you will smell when you first apply it. The middle note is going to be the part of the perfume that is most prominent throughout the day. Then the bottom notes will linger towards the final hours of your day. If you find a scent that has top or bottom notes that you are not a fan of, but you love the middle notes don’t rule it out just yet. It can help to wear your top choices for a full day to see how the scents evolve. So now that you know how to read the labels, let’s get into some of the best perfumes for spring based on their notes.


Florals for spring? Not exactly groundbreaking, however it is a timeless option. As we come out of winter, we will want to swap out the heavy musky scents in favor of something light and floral. A floral scent can also carry you through the summer months if you are someone who likes to match their scent to the season. If you want something a bit different from a classic rose scent, try out Gucci Bloom. It is a light fragrance that has notes of jasmine, tuberose and honeysuckle and is a popular option for spring and summer. If you are more into the sensual and romantic scent of a classic rose perfume, we love Tom Ford Rose Prick. The notes in this one are rose, patchouli and turmeric which give a feminine yet sexy feel. And, of course, Marc Jacobs Daisy is always a classic amongst floral lovers. It features notes of daisy with plum and raspberries for a less heavy floral scent. This one is a great spring daytime perfume.


Sweet perfumes are also a popular option for the warmer months. They pair great with a sunny brunch date or a spring night out with the girls. One of the most classic sweet scents is Vera Wang Princess. This perfume has stood the test of time with notes of water lily, apricot, apple, dark chocolate and vanilla and is sure to make anyone who wears it feel like a princess. Prada Candy is another timeless sweet scent. It is sweet like caramel but still soft and feminine. If you have ever tested this one out you know why it is a timeless classic. You can also check out Escada’s line of perfume which come in a variety of tropical sweet scents that will make you feel you are on an island vacation.


The final type of scent that we love for spring is going to be the fresh fragrances. There is nothing quite like warm spring and summer air accompanied by a fresh and light perfume. Philosophy has cornered the market for fresh scents with their Amazing Grace perfume. It has notes of citrus, white musk and soft florals to finish it off. This is a perfume that smells great on everyone and will never feel too overpowering for daytime wear. If you do like Amazing Grace, Philosophy also has this scent in a few variations which all smell amazingly fresh. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is also a great choice for a fresh scent. This one features citrus, apple and bamboo and can be described as smelling tropical and clean. This perfume is great for transitioning from day to night time wear in the spring and summer.

Your New Spring Scent

While we have listed out some of the more classic perfume options, don’t be afraid to test out a variety of perfumes that have the scent profile that you like. Scents are very personal so make sure you are choosing the perfect spring scent for you!

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