3 Famous Cities to Visit in December

When it comes to having a large number of tourist spots in a country, India might rank higher than in other countries because there are a great number of tourist spots available. People from foreign countries and even Indian citizens from different places always keep moving from one place to another in order to enjoy the diversity of India. People were stuck in their homes while lockdown due to covid-19 and now after lockdown people would love to visit some of the best places in India. Well, there are some special places that are safe enough to visit here in India after lockdown and people have again started visiting these places. Amritsar, Rajkot, and Gujarat are the most common places that are now being visited by the people of India because all these places have different experiences to provide to the visitors. These are the best 3 Famous Cities to Visit in December and people who are planning to spend their winter holidays by visiting these places should read our article.

Amritsar, Punjab

People who are willing to enjoy the experience of divinity and beautiful monuments should visit Amritsar because here you can get connected to the Almighty by visiting one of the holiest places of India named Golden Temple. You can also enjoy the beauty of this place as it is a monumental infrastructure that pleases the eyes of the beholder. Here you will find the places that are the symbol of great Indian history and culture as here you will find about the history of Indian freedom fight by visiting places like Jalianwala Bagh. You can also visit Wahga Border which is another attraction point in India where you can see the neighboring country. The best day to visit Amritsar is Diwali because it is said that the festival of Diwali is celebrated in a grand manner there. You can stay there as there are many Hotels in Amritsar that provide the best accommodation services to one and all. You will be able to enjoy all the places here in Amritsar if you book a hotel room to live there as you will find yourself at a place from where you can travel to any tourist point in Amritsar.

Mashobra, Shimla

Mashobra, Shimla is one of the best places for snow lovers who want to enjoy the snowfall, and in the month of December where temperatures go to the lowest in India, you should be there. Mashobra is famous for its tourist spots and the activities you can perform here in Mashobra as during the summer season you can enjoy river rafting and mountain climbing and in the winter season, you can tracking and enjoy the snowfall as well. People from foreign countries come here to enjoy the sightseeing and snowfall during the month of December and they are served with the best services of hospitality by most of the Hotels in Mashobra. Well, the temperature goes very low during December, and people who come from hot and humid areas would feel it like freezing hence they would require an accommodation facility that can protect them from such cold weather. The most important part of your journey to Mashobra could be your accommodation hence you need to hire a room in the best hotels in Mashobra. People who love to live and enjoy the chilling temperature of Mashobra should visit this place in December. If you are one of those who love to explore and enjoy places during snowfall then you are good to plan your visit to Mashobra during the month of December.

Rajkot, Gujarat

Rajkot is a warm place as compared to the upper mentioned two places hence it becomes even more important for people to visit this place in the winter season. There are a lot of places where you can visit and enjoy your holidays with family and friends in Rajkot as it is said that Rajkot is a paradise for those who want to enjoy life with their family. There are children parks, museums and for sports lovers, there are stadiums and cricket grounds that you can enjoy visiting with your family and friends. You would need many days to explore all the places in Gujarat hence you would have to book a room in one of the Hotels in Rajkot. If you are visiting this place with your family then you would have to choose the best one for you that can fulfill all needs of your family members. During the month of December people come in great numbers hence it is the best time to visit this place because you would love to enjoy such places together with other families. We suggest you choose Rajkot to visit in December if you don’t want to face the chilling cold of Northern India during the winter season.

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