3 Benefits of Weekly Lawn Mowing Services

You don’t have to be selling your home to think about curb appeal. Seventy-five percent of homeowners who invested in it now enjoy spending time at home. 

Curb appeal is anything that improves the aesthetic of your home’s exterior. But you don’t have to spend a ton on a new paint job and fixtures. An affordable way to increase the curb appeal of your home is with regular lawn maintenance.

Experts advise mowing your lawn at least once a week. Wondering why? Read on to find out the benefits of weekly lawn mowing services. 

1. Easier Maintenance

An overgrown lawn can strain a lawn mower. This is even the case with commercial-grade lawn mowers. It’s even worse if you leave your lawn to grow for more than two weeks.

Large blades of grass can create a blanket over the top of your lawn. You’ll also find that your grass clippings start clumping up.

You’ll end up lawn mowing the same area a few times. And you’ll need to keep blowing the clippings. Both will cause you to use more fuel and can be time-consuming.

You’ll probably find yourself spending more on lawn mower servicing as well. If you’re hiring a company, they may charge you more if your grass is in this condition. So you’ll want to stick to weekly lawn mowing services.

2. Enhance the Health of Your Lawn

No one likes weeds or browning turf. These things reduce curb appeal. They can also make your home look old and in need of maintenance. 

Weekly mowing services can remove one-third or less from your grass blades with each cut. This helps grass plants grow well.

These smaller pieces of grass will also break down quickly. They’re also a natural fertilizer. Otherwise, thatch can build up as time goes by. 

If your lawn mower service comes every week, you’ll also have fewer weeds. This can help during the hot summer months, as your lawn will be more drought tolerant.

3. A Great Look

Who doesn’t love a beautiful lawn? That’s why it’s such an important factor when trying to increase curb appeal. Having regular lawn mower services, like Heartland Lawn Care, can keep your lawn looking vibrant. 

Any event you’re having will be more enjoyable with a pristine lawn. You’ll be proud to have it on display for family and friends. But most importantly, you’ll get to enjoy it yourself.

Letting the Experts Take Charge

Don’t have the time to ensure your lawn looks great? Then consider hiring a company to do it. You might be asking, How do I find a lawn mowing service near me?

A quick drive around your neighborhood may be the answer. It might be a literal case of the grass looking greener on the other side. Your neighbor’s beautiful lawn is a free ad for a great company.

Lawn Mowing Services for A Beautiful Lawn

A beautiful lawn takes work. When you don’t have regular lawn mowing services it will quickly show. This includes an overgrown unkempt lawn. 

Lack of regular maintenance will also be evident during the summer. You might find yourself with a dying lawn that has more weeds than grass. Both scenarios can adversely affect your home’s curb appeal. 

You can stop these from occurring by having your lawn mowed at least once a week. For additional tips on keeping your house looking great, try our Real Estate section.

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