2020 R4i gold plus Before buying, what to know?

2020 R4i gold plus

R4i gold 3ds plus is the most popular ds and ntr flashcard to buy recently, so before you purchase a 2020 R4i gold plus flashcard, if you have any question on its timebomb, firmware, emulators or other aspects, you can find the answers in this article. We are writing this post to help you know more about the 2020 R4i gold plus card for using it better.


Does the r4i gold 3ds plus have timebomb? Don’t worry about that, the r4i gold 3ds rts plus card is 100% without a timebomb. Not only the new r4i gold 3ds plus edition, 2020 R4i gold plus has no timebomb too. They won’t stop working after a certain time, you are no need to set console date back or install another kernel(YSmenu) to bypass the Timebomb.

  • R4i gold cards with timebomb: R4i gold pro 3ds 2019, 2018 and other 20XX versions made by R4i gold eu 3ds released from
  • R4i gold cards without timebomb: R4i gold 3ds plus edition, R4i gold 3ds wood and R4i gold 3ds deluxe edition, which are from


The firmware (or Kernel as it is more commonly called) is the heart and soul of an R4i gold card. Without it, our R4i gold 3ds plus can’t be recognized by any DS, DSi or Nintendo 3DS system handheld. It is a bootloader or a menu system for the r4i gold 3ds rts plus. 

Is the R4i gold 3ds plus still working with a firmware? Partly, if you only prepare to use it to flash NTRboothax to the 3DS to install B9S/3DS CFW, the firmware is useless. However, after flashing Ntrboothax exploit, if you also like to play free NDS games with the flash card, you should setup the Wood firmware to the 3ds r4i gold plus as well.

  • It’s firmware and tha latest verison: Wood firmware is what the r4i gold 3ds plus and the original r4i gold 3ds rts both using. Their latest firmware version is V1.64, released in 2013, currently, it supports the newest 3DS V11.9.0 and DSI V1.4.5 consoles.
  • Direct download link:


Can R4i gold 3ds plus work with any emulators? Yes, it is an R4 card for Nintendo 3DS and DSI system devices. It with pre-flashed NTRboothax and also works with the Wood firmware to run Homebrew emulators. Here are some of r4i gold 3ds plus emulators are common to use for playing games besides the NDS roms.

  • NeoDS: R4i gold 3ds plus emulator for Neo Geo games.
  • DSCraft: R4i gold 3ds plus emulator for Minecraft.
  • Lameboy: 2020 R4i gold plus emulator for Gameboy Color.
  • GameYob: R4i gold 3ds plus emulator for Gameboy and Gameboy Color.
  • NesDS: R4i gold 3ds plus emulator for NES games.
  • ZXDS:  R4i gold 3ds plus emulator for ZX Spectrum.
  • Stella DS: R4i gold 3ds plus emulator Atari 2600.
  • JenesisDS: R4i gold 3ds plus emulator for Mega Drive/Sega Genesis games.
  • FrodoDS: R4i gold 3ds plus emulator for Commodore 64/C64.
  • S8DS: R4i gold 3ds plus emulator for Sega Game Gear.

Want to know where to download these emulators for the 3ds r4i gold plus card? Google is your best tool!

Other questions

Q: Does R4i gold 3ds plus support 3DS games?
A: No, it can’t play 3ds roms. Only 3ds flashcards like Sky3ds+ and Stargate 3ds can play Nintendo 3ds games directly.

Q: Which microsd card to buy for the R4i gold 3ds rts plus?
A: Recommend you the Sandisk brand microsd card for avoiding any issue maybe caused by a incompatible memory sd card. Plus, you should format it in the first time.

Q: What’s r4i gold 3ds switch?
A: It is a built-in switch inside the flash cartridge, for using the switch, users need to open the 3ds r4i gold plus, then toggle between NTR and NDS modes. NTR mode is for flashing NTRboot exploit, while the NDS mode is used to playing free DS games.

The advantages and disadvantages of it


  • Preflashed to be used with NTRBootHax.
  • As it has a switch to change modes 2020 R4i gold plus It’s not necessary to flash it again to use it in DS mode.
  • Official support of WoodR4.
  • This team is well known by supporting their DS flashcards.
  • No timebomb. Other flashcards stop working when a concrete date is passed, this flashcard is free of this problem.
  • Good compatibility.


  • The switch to change the mode (NTRBootHax – Normal DS flashcard) is inside the card, it’s not complicated to access, but you have to take care.
  • Latest kernel was released in2013, although there are not any problems to be solved.

Which is the best site to buy R4i gold plus in Spain?

How about us, Comprarsxpro? We rent warehouses in EU, so if you buy the r4i 3ds gold plus from us, you can enjoy a local shipping service. We use Paypal payment and support an exclusive customer service, sending all of you unlimited game codes to download 3DS/DS roms from one online site. Additionally, for those of you decide to buy an r4i 3ds plus card or any other flashcard from us, we can give you a special discount. Just send e-mail to this account, [email protected], you will get a reply on a free voucher code to use.

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