13 Benefits Of Fue Hair Transplant

The modern advancements have provided us many effective and permanent methods for Hair Transplant. Those people who are worried about their looks due to the bald head or uneven hair growth can restore the desired appearance by hair transplant.

There are many techniques for hair transplantation, but mainly FUE and FUT methods are popular. FUE is considered by several patients, considering the number of benefits derived by this treatment.

What is a FUE hair transplant?

One of the advanced methods of hair transplant is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). This is a minimally invasive technique, in which the doctor extracts hair from a donor site by making small puncture holes and transplanting them to the recipient area. The donor site can be any part of the body with good quality hair such as the beard, chest, or legs.

No scars .

Most of the patients are worried that after the transplant they will have visible scars. With FUE, this can be prevented. Unlike other hair transplant procedures, FUE provides best finishing results in terms of scars. In FUE hair transplant, the surgeon takes out individual hair follicles from the donor area and transplants to recipient area one by one, and hence, there are no scars. There will be no linear scar on the back of the scalp so the person can keep hair short, and no need to hide the scar with long hairs.

Minimally invasive technique.

The main advantage of FUE is that it is a minimally invasive method. No linear cut for the strip has to be made, no suturing and so stretching sensation after the procedure. Pain is also negligible, healing is faster so post-operative comfort is much more than in any other method.

Grafts can be taken from Different body parts.

In FUE method hair grafts can be taken from the different areas like beard, chest, abdomen, and any part where there is good hair growth. Even in scalp grafts from the periauricular area and neck can be taken by FUE which is not possible with any other method.

In mega sessions and coverage of grade VII baldness, it is always a better option to go with the FUE due to body hair transplant(BHT) wherein different  parts of the body are used as a donor and hence we can extract as many as 7000-8000 grafts in multiple sessions.

High density.

Normally,  the graft to hair ratio is taken as 2:1 for scalp hair. For the best hair transplant in India, surgeons use the FUE method. They can pick up grafts with multiple follicles, so the ratio is much more (2.3:1) and this will give better density than FUT. Up to 5.000 follicular units can be transplanted in one session (each follicular unit has 1 to 4 hair)

Quality of Hair:

In Fue hair transplant Doctors Takes out hair follicles from the patient’s own  body (donor area) where the growth is comparatively good, then the recipient area, and then transplant the hair roots to the recipient area, due to this technique the outcome of quality hair growth is very higher than any other procedure.

Fast Recovery time.

Since there are no incisions, the hair grafts are implanted one by one without extracting any part of the skin. The patient can recover within no time and go back to normal life very soon.

Increased harvesting area

With FUE hair transplant, the surgeons can cover the  grade VII baldness so that hair growth is more and results are much better than any other procedures.

Natural look.

Most people have this question,whether the hair transplant procedure will look natural or not, but with FUE hair transplant, the changes on your head will be hardly noticeable. The outcome of the procedure is very natural and most people can’t actually differentiate between the old hair and new growing hair.

Ideal for tight scalp.

FUE is an ideal choice in the cases, where the scalp of patients is very narrow and tight. Hence, in these cases other treatment methods will not be successful.

Ideal for people with increased risk of scarring.

Since, FUE technique is the minimally invasive procedure, it helps in prevention of any kind of scars on the scalp. Hence, this is an ideal technique for the patients , who are prone to poor healing or scarring.

Useful to repair scars from previous treatment.

If any patient had any accidental marks, which seems disaster for their looks. This method is a more popular treatment method which can cover up those scars. Though it’s a little time taking process, it gives the most natural results and leaves no scars behind.

Growth of hair follicles.

FUE treatment not only helps the growth of hairline (scalp) but can also be used for restoration of hair on other parts of the body too, such as beard and eyebrows.

Minimized Risk of infection.

With any other technique patients can be at the risk of suffering from infections after the surgery but not in the case of follicular unit extraction. This process is completely painless and harmless to the health of patients.

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