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10 Tips for Taking Care of Long Hair

Beautiful long hair is the goal of many. Lengthy locks are a classic style that gets revamped with new trends. Curls, waves, or straight hair that tumble down the back is a coveted feature.

But getting those gorgeous long tresses doesn’t come easy. To grow and maintain long hair takes a lot of work. Maybe you’ve been putting in the effort without any results, wondering when you’ll get a new inch.

Your haircare routine might actually be ruining your hair. All the work you’re putting in might be for naught. The truth is long hair care requires special attention to get that growth.

So, if you’re looking for tips on how to grow long locks or want to take care of your long hair better, read on. Here are 10 tips for growing long, healthy, beautiful hair.

1. Shampoo Correctly

Healthy hair starts with a good shampoo. Washing your hair, of course, is an important part of maintenance. But if you’re having issues growing your hair out, you might want to reconsider the way you’re washing.

Insider tip: you don’t need to wash your hair with shampoo every day. In fact, you shouldn’t. Instead, you should rinse with warm water and do a good scalp massage using your fingertips, not your nails.

Over-shampooing causes unneeded friction that can lead to damage. It can also strip your hair of the natural oils your scalp produces to take care of your hair. This can lead to drier hair that will break off and ruin your chances at length.

Opt for gentle products with non-stripping shampoo ingredients. Focus on shampooing your scalp rather than lathering all your hair. A quarter-sized amount will go much farther than you think.

2. Don’t Forget Deep Conditioning

Your conditioner should hydrate your hair, adding back moisture and nutrients shampoo might have rinsed away. You should look for a conditioner that has some slip to it. This makes the shampoo glide over your hair to prevent damaging friction.

You should use the conditioner on your hair to help restore the moisture. Focus on getting conditioner on the mid-lengths and ends of your hair to hydrate and lock in the softness. Try to avoid putting a lot of conditioner on the roots to avoid weighing down.

Once a week, you should trade in your typical conditioner for a deep conditioning treatment. A product with deep hydration can help replenish lost moisture and set it deep into the hair shaft for lasting results.

You can also try adding hair masks and hair oils to add moisture and nutrients to your hair. If you like to be involved and work with your hands, here’s some good news. You can create hair masks and hair oils at home with common kitchen ingredients. 

3. Air Dry Often

After you wash your hair, you should choose to air dry your hair more often than not. As previously stated, your hair is most fragile when it’s wet. Because of this, you want to avoid a lot of manipulation to prevent damage.

Air drying also means not using heat as often, which can remove moisture too quickly and leave your hair a frizzy mess. Allowing your hair to stay wet and applying some products to damp hair can help the shafts retain moisture better.

Air drying can make your hair smoother and preserve your color. And this method is especially good for those with curls.

4. Careful Detangling

To get longer hair, you have to keep it from breaking off. Longer hair tangles much easier. So, as you grow your hair out, be sure that you’re taking care to properly and carefully detangle.

You should detangle your hair daily, especially before washing and before going to bed. To avoid damage, you shouldn’t brush through your hair wet because your hair is in its most fragile state. To add length, gently comb on dry hair.

The best tool for detangling is a wide-tooth comb. They have thicker teeth and allow larger amounts of hair through them. It’s much less damaging than other combs, which allows for growth.

Another way to make sure you’re keeping your length is to detangle the right way. You should start from the ends of your hair and work your way up with gentle even strokes. For added ease getting through hair snarls, you can use a detangling spray.

5. Get Regular Trims

It may seem counterproductive to cut your hair if you want to grow it longer. But regular trims can actually benefit your hair growth goals. Contrary to popular belief, trimming your hair doesn’t make it grow any faster.

But getting a trim does remove damage and split ends. Removing split ends early stops the hair strand from splitting further up and breaking off. This breakage is not only a sign of hair in need but can stop counteract the growth you’re working towards.

Experts suggest scheduling salon trims every 10 to 12 weeks if you air dry your hair. But if you use heat regularly or have your hair colored, you should schedule a trim every 6 to 8 weeks. A trim should remove split ends, not to take away length.

6. Always Lower the Heat

You probably know that heat can cause a lot of damage to your hair. But do you know that heat actually affects your hair on a molecular level? Heat can alter the protein structure in your hair, ruining the mechanical properties of the hair strands.

Heat can cause frizz, change curl patterns, take away the bounce, and make your hair more prone to breakage. It’s a misconception that heat will damage your hair automatically upon contact. However, excess and extended use will cause damage.

You shouldn’t set the temperature on your heating devices above 450°F. This is the temperature most hair can withstand, but lower can be better. When using heat, be sure not to linger in a single spot, so you do not burn your hair.

When you do use heat, make sure you use a heat protectant before using your styling tools. It’ll create a barrier between the heat and your hair to reduce the damage.

7. Better Nutrients for Better Hair

If you really want to grow long hair, you’ll have to work from the inside out as well. Giving your hair the nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy is the best way to add length. Healthy hair needs protein, biotin, and various vitamins and minerals.

These naturally occur in a lot of foods, so eat up. Eggs, berries, spinach, and fish are all great options for when you’re trying to grow your hair. Better your hair from the inside out by incorporating these foods into your diet.

You can also get nutrients for your hair by taking vitamins that target growth. Vitamins like SugarBear hair contain a mixture of vitamins and minerals as active ingredients. These can give your hair the boost it needs to grow a few more inches.

If you’re looking to add a vitamin to your beauty regime, here is where to buy SugarBear Hair.

8. Use the Right Hairbrush

To achieve the longer lengths you want, you’ll need to use the right tools. This means choosing your hairbrush carefully. Believe it or not, there is a correct hairbrush to use when you’re trying to grow out your hair.

Of any kind of brush, you’ll want to add a boar bristle brush to your hair care regimen. A boar bristle brush smooths and conditions the hair shaft, which minimizes breakage and frizz. An added benefit is that this brush also helps to soften the hair.

When used correctly, these bristles also help stimulate the glands on your scalp to produce oils. This will naturally hydrate and condition your hair. On the other hand, it can also remove excess oil, so your roots aren’t greasy and weighed down.

9. Be Cautious With Updos

Are you a fan of high ponytails? How about intricate braiding patterns? This might be some bad news, but your tight styles might be the cause of your short locks.

The more your pull to get that tight, sleek look, the more you’re putting stress and tension on your hair follicles. It takes a toll on your hair health, causing breakage and damage at the roots. Your tight hairband may also be to blame for the same reason.

Instead, opt for loose updos more often, leaving the tight and sleek styles for fewer occasions. Trade in your tight hairband for a gentler scrunchie. Both of these will take some pressure off your hair.

10. Protect Before Bedtime

Here is the ultimate expert secret on how to maintain long hair. Protect your hair before bedtime.

You might be used to just crawling into bed and going to sleep. But it’s time to stop and try a new routine. Instead of heading right to bed, take a little time to protect your hair in your pre-bedtime routine.

Swap out your cotton pillowcase for one that’s silk or satin. At night, cotton can cause friction between your hair and the pillowcase. But a pillowcase that’s silk and satin adds a little slip that causes fewer knots and frizziness.

How you style your hair also matters. It’s better to wear a loose braid, ponytail, or bun tied up with a scrunchie to reduce the amount of tangles and frizz. Take it a step further and wear a silk or satin headscarf to reduce the friction on your hair.

The Best Long Hair Care

The coveted long tresses are completely achievable with the right products and the proper process. With the right long hair care tips, you’ll be able to grow your hair to new lengths.

With these tips, your hair will look healthier than it ever has before. Get rid of the bad habits you didn’t even know you were making. With just a few quick fixes can make all the difference when it comes to growing long, beautiful hair.

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