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10 Tips for Keeping the Spark Alive in a Romantic Relationship

The romance need not fade in a relationship over time. Many couples remain sexually active throughout their entire lives. However, if you are experiencing problems in this area, consider these ten tips to keep the spark going.

Rule Out Medical Causes

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can derail your best romantic intentions. While there are many possible causes, you should see your doctor. The culprit could be diabetes, heart disease, or low testosterone.

The doctor will perform a physical examination to determine if your sensory nerves are working properly and use ultrasound to check blood flow to the penis. Blood tests and urinalysis will be done to rule out an underlying condition click here.

You will also be asked questions to see if depression or anxiety is compounding the problem. The way you breathe can also influence ED. Tips and products from SomniFix can actually cure ED in some men.

Make Your Relationship a Daily Priority

It is all too easy to get stuck into routines and schedules and start to take each other for granted. A couple needs to be deliberate about quality time. This means no phones, only conversation, during dinner, with plenty of eye contact. Ask about each other’s day and listen to the answers. Treat your partner as the most important person in your life.

Seeing Each Other In New Settings

Take up a shared activity. This could be anything from joining a book club to a cookery class. This will reveal facets of your partner that you haven’t seen before and rekindle that falling-in-love feeling. Aim for a new joint activity every six months to a year.

Spend Time Apart

In the same vein, separate activities keep a relationship fresh. It gives you a chance to miss your partner and long to be reunited. Plus, it keeps you growing as a person. This does not imply long absences of months apart. A weekend or night out with friends every once in a while, will work wonders.


In the early days, there was a lot of kissing. Try to revive this.Kiss often and passionately. It should always end in sex but happen frequently, for example, while you are preparing a meal together.

Dress Up

Dress up to go out. Take extra care with your appearance. Aim to entice your partner. Anticipate a loving end to the evening.

Plan Date Days

Take a day off from work together and spend it in the sunshine in nature. This could be a hike or birdwatching and a picnic. Choose a venue that is quiet during the week and make the most of the privacy in a conducive setting.


Avoid intimacy becoming yet another duty. This one will take some discussion so that you’re on the same page. Aim for twenty minutes of foreplay before making love. This will keep you coming back for more of the anticipation and build-up.

Take Risks

Skydiving is an enjoyable way to push the fear factor and have you clinging to each other again. Push each other to come out of your comfort zones. Take on a new challenge like starting a farming life together.

Date Nights

Studies have shown that couples who have weekly date nights are more likely to stay together. You can stick to a set formula for three weeks so that you build a shared activity. But once a month, plan something unusual on date night.

A relationship has to be nurtured like a garden. But the effort you put in will cement your commitment and keep the flame burning.

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