10 Remote Presentations Tips For College Students

The unprecedented arrival of the COVID 19 pandemic compelled several educational institutions worldwide to opt for remote teaching and learning. Learning from home has been established as the new norm for several schools, colleges, and universities worldwide as the lockdown continues. Platforms like Zoom and Google Meet have taken over the classes in traditional lecture halls to online conferencing. Amidst all this virtual teaching, PowerPoint presentations have proven to be the best tools to navigate digital lectures. 

PowerPoint slides imbibed with a visual charm create teaching and learning more engaging. They render the content more captivating that resonates with the audience. Therefore, eye-catching slide decks come in handy for college students to present their topic virtually to their professors. Remote presentations demand to be a hundred times more charming than in-person presentations as the audience gets distracted easily. A dull presentation is sure to make your professors and classmates doze off after a while. This blog post will talk about the ten best remote presentation tips for an outstanding slide deck. 

Gear up and get ready for some life-changing presentation tips of your life!

Unique and Befitting Templates

With every one of your classmates designing presentations, you want your slide deck to stand out from others. Presentations designed with stock templates are a thing of the past. Choose a vibrant presentation template from sites like SlideModel to render your slides a unique and attractive look. 

Their 100% editable educational templates will make your presentation exemplary while saving your time. Professionally tailored templates consist of mesmerizing color-schemes, attractive graphics, and one-of-a-kind appeal. Every college student must enhance their presentations with alluring templates to wow their professors. 

Multimedia for a Visual Charm

A remote presentation with all text and no visuals will make your professors disinterested in it just after two minutes. Multimedia works a great charm to hold the attention of your remote audience. Visually charming content like images, videos, GIFs infuses your slides with a stunning look. 

Pixel-perfect graphics, short videos, and GIFs will compel your audience to get fully absorbed in it. Your professors will process your presentation faster with multimedia content than simple text as visuals make it more comprehensible.

Data Visualisations

Attending remote presentations is distracting enough with home environments. Be it a thesis presentation or subject-based, representing data in bullets will further make your audience wander off from it. Data visualization with color-coded charts and diagrams will make your statistical representations more lively. 

Data visuals are the key to make your numerical information more digestible for your professors. SlideModel offers a repository of templates with breathtaking data visuals. Infographics, graphs, charts will render all your data instantly graspable and memorable. 

Textual Peculiarities

Integrate your slides with an appropriate font style and font size for them to achieve textual consistency. Slides with fancy fonts will make it hard for your remote audience to read and grasp the concepts. Instead, go for functional fonts like Times New Roman that displays your message with clarity. 

Stick to a maximum of 2-3 fonts throughout the whole presentation. Ditch those lengthy paragraphs and opt for bullets to design your text more concise. No matter if it is a remote presentation, be mindful to place your font size to a readable limit. 

Animations and Transitions

Animations and slide transitions can provide the much-needed effect for college students to liven up their slides. Occasional animations and transitions go a long way to set them apart from other mechanical remote presentations. Subtle animations magnify your information leaving it more dynamic and memorable. 

While transitions assist a smooth flow of slides, animations polish them to be energetic. Additionally, specific effects on particular elements of data visuals will also intensify their impression. 

Colour Scheme Selection

Professors appreciate presentations with a charming color-scheme as it confers them with a sparkling look. Remote slide decks with color-infused content and visuals foster an appeal to keep your audience engrossed in the topic. Construct your slides with a high-contrast color scheme to make your content stand out. 

Choose a light-colored graphic or text to complement a dark background. It highlights your text with superior contrast. Further, it enhances and augments your text’s readability as well. Employ warm colors to give a non-glaring look to your slides. 

Maxim of One Topic-One Slide

College students must ensure to avoid bombarding their presentations with all the information in one slide. As the visual clutter on your slides can leave your remote audience confused and overwhelmed. A simple maxim here is to adhere to one topic per slide. 

It aids your remote audience to get back on track swiftly lest they get distracted for some reason. Bestow your slides with a purpose and an engaging title to make them compact. Remember to avoid showcasing all the information on your slides as it would lead them to be text and image-heavy.

Remain Interactive

While presenting in the lecture halls, your professors are always in front of you to interact with them face-to-face. But, remote meetings necessitate you to maintain a high level of interaction with your teachers and classmates. It tends to keep them active and interested in your slides. 

Ask questions, conduct polls, and highlight the vital points to keep the slumber away. Ensure to speak with vigor and confidence as your audience is more focused on your voice in a remote presentation. 

Fundamentals of a Remote Presentation

These fundamentals are a must-have for every college student’s remote presentation. The environment that you choose to host your presentation matters the most when presenting online. Limit the distractions at your place for a seamless experience. Pick a place with appropriate lighting and a suitable background for a perfect presentation. 

Make sure to keep clear of sun glares so that you are visible to everyone on the screen. Blur your background if necessary and reduce any unwarranted noise at your place. Adjust your webcam or in-built camera appropriately for the best angles. 

Confidence is the Key

Remote presentations ought to be twice as compelling as the ones imparted in the classrooms. Design an engaging narrative to engross your professors and classmates in your slides. Explain your slides with confidence without taking many pauses. Maintaining an eye-contact further reflects your conviction in your topic. 

Avoid presenting your whole slide deck robotically. Instead, keep the presentation session alive with a little humor in your speech. Employ suitable pieces of equipment like high-quality microphones and internet for unbreakable engagement. 

The coronavirus pandemic has altered the educational set-up from in-person classes to online classes. In its wake, PowerPoint presentations have emerged as the frontrunner for college students everywhere. There is no certainty as to when life will get back to normal. Till then, these remote presentation tips will guide you to build your perfect slideshow and garner praises from your audience. Happy presenting!

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