10 Paint Ideas to Try at Home

Lately, we have all been spending much more time cooped up in the house, leaving many of us in search of a new hobby or creative outlet. A versatile option to explore your creative side is painting. Whether you’re a novice or expert-level painter, there are tons of things to paint and to paint on. Here are 10 paint ideas that you can try at home so that you can give that TV a rest.

1. A pre-made paint by number kit

If you’re brand new to the world of painting, you may want to keep it simple so that you don’t get overwhelmed too early in the game. Why not just paint your numbers? With a personalized paint-by-number kit, you don’t have to worry about the subject, the supplies or even the picture you’re painting. With a painting project that’s as easy as just painting within the lines, you’re sure to have a fun, stress-free and artistic afternoon.

2. Pour painting

It’s exactly what it sounds like: this unique style consists of mixing acrylic paints with pouring mediums to allow the paint to spread evenly around the canvas. There are many different techniques you can try with this style, so do some research into what look you’re going for in your painting. Since this process can get messy, make sure you lay a cover out in your painting area.

3. Statement furniture

You probably don’t want to paint your couch, but painting something like a wooden stool or chair can leave you with a fun addition to your typical home decor. 

4. Your face

This can mean a few different things. You can paint your face in a traditional sense, harkening back to your elementary school birthday parties with designs featuring butterflies and tiger stripes. There are plenty of affordable kits online, and you can try this one with family members as well. Or, you can go the makeup route, and finally nail that winged eyeliner look, contour or bold smokey eye. 

5. A t-shirt

You can try your hand at a bold design or do a traditional tie-dye to add some pizzazz to your wardrobe. If you have far too many t-shirts (as many of us do), you can branch out and try some painted sweatpants or even jeans. This one is especially fun to do with friends. Create designs for each other, collaborate on a single item, go crazy!

6. Shoes

This one may seem a bit more advanced, but there are plenty of unique hand-painted shoes out there, made by artists just like yourself. You can do a cute design, an attempt at a portrait of your favorite character or animal, or whatever tickles your fancy. If you’re hesitant, experiment on some cheap fabric sneakers before you move on to more expensive canvases. 

7. Miniatures/ action figures

If you’re a DnD fan (or into other cool fantasy stuff), consider painting a small plastic figurine of your favorite fictional character. This one definitely will take a bit more patience and a lot of focus, but the reward could be worth the work. It will definitely impress all your fellow tabletop gamers at the next campaign.

8. Gold spray paint

Metallic gold spray paint can make even that dollar store metal trash can look absolutely fabulous. Try this on any metals you want, like outdoor furniture, the bottom part of your rolling office chair, or that brass lamp that just doesn’t go with the ambiance in your room anymore.

9. Colorful spray paint

Only use this one on your own home if you want to try any sort of outdoor usage. You could paint a big wooden sign with a sentimental quote and hang it up or lean it against an outdoor wall of your house. Alternatively, try making one of those boardwalk-inspired t-shirts with your name in bubble letters. 

10. Watercolor canvases

Get a set of basic watercolors and a few smaller canvases from your local craft store and let your imagination run wild. You can go for an abstract look or try a simple floral or animal print. It’s just like elementary school art class but all grown up!

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