10 Home Maintenance Jobs and Why You Can’t DIY Them

There are many reasons why DIYing home maintenance jobs is great. Alongside saving money, you get the satisfaction of completing something yourself. However, while you might like to pull out the tools every chance you get, there are some things that are better off left to the professionals. Some jobs require expertise in order to be done correctly.  

In this article, we are going to take a look at ten home maintenance jobs and explain why you can’t tackle them yourself.

Let’s get started!

Roof Repairs

Roof issues are a common problem for older houses as they start to show signs of wear and tear. From leaks to broken gutters and shingles, the issues can be both minor and severe. While you might want to tackle this job yourself to save a significant expense, it’s one thing you should stay clear of. Working from heights is extremely dangerous, and alongside needing the appropriate equipment, determining the exact issue (such as the location of the leak) can be challenging. If you are in need of any maintenance, it’s best to call in professionals like at this roof repair utah service.

Installing HVAC Units

The HVAC unit is one of the most important things in a home, keeping you comfortable throughout the entire year. However, it’s not something that you can fix and service yourself. These appliances are complicated, and a trained professional is qualified to ensure that the entire system is in working order. They’ll be able to do complex diagnostics and complete maintenance quickly and efficiently. Alongside this, some warranties will actually become void if they aren’t serviced regularly by an experienced technician.  

Plumbing Leaks

Another home maintenance repair that you should never do yourself is any plumbing work, including leaks. Plumbing systems, like electrical ones, are complex, and you need to have advanced knowledge about how they operate. Not only do the correct type of pipes, valves, and connections need to be used, but if you make a mistake, you could cause damage to other nearby houses, resulting in city fines. The money you planned on saving could quickly go out the window. It’s just not worth it. When no water is flowing at all, you should call a professional leak detection company in Doral as soon as possible – you may have a very serious leak.


While concreting seems like a relatively straightforward job, it’s another task that could incur additional expenses if done incorrectly. A simple mistake could be complicated to fix, especially if everything has already been set. Instead of adding value to your home, you could cause further problems. A professional can get the task done quickly while following all of the necessary precautions. It will look better and will be structurally sound.

Electrical Repairs

Electrical repairs are the absolute one thing that you should never DIY. Power can be deadly, and without using the correct equipment, you could hurt yourself, start a fire or even potentially harm others. While you can change a lightbulb, fix a loose outlet, and replace a doorbell, any other problems should be left to an experienced electrician. It’s just not worth it, and like plumbing, errors could result in city fines.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a material made of thin microscopic fibers. It was often used in building older homes as it has fireproofing capabilities. However, these silicate minerals are actually hazardous, hence why mining is now banned. Asbestos can cause a range of illnesses, even leading to cancer.

If you’re doing home repairs where you suspect you have asbestos or want to remove it altogether, you must hire a professional. They wear the necessary equipment to remove it safely and will dispose of it properly. You can find more information about it here.

Gas Repairs

Gas appliances are also very tricky things to service and repair. If you make a mistake, the cost to fix the error could be triple of what you would have paid the first time. Alongside this, if you fail to fit it properly again, you could cause a gas leak that can result in very harmful health conditions, or worse, a fire/explosion. For ovens, water heaters, gas furnaces, and dryers. It would be best if you kept your hands off.

Pest Extermination

Ok, while getting rid of pests is something that you can do yourself (to a certain extent), there are circumstances where it is better to call in an experienced exterminator. For severe infestations of things like mice and termites, it’s extremely difficult to eradicate them all yourself. You may only get a few, and they will repopulate right under your nose, causing more damage to your home’s structure. Alongside this, some pests can carry harmful diseases, and without the correct gear, you could expose yourself to them. So it’s better to be safe and handle the problem once and for all.


Again, tiling is something that you technically can DIY, but just because you “can” do it doesn’t mean you should. Without doing the job properly, not only will it look dodgy, but it may crack and break over time. This could cause your home to lose value, and you may have to end up paying more money to get it fixed. So unless you are very confident with completing renovations like this yourself, it’s best to stay clear.

Carpet Laying

Finally, last on the last, another job that you shouldn’t try and do yourself is carpet laying. Yes, it might look simple, but there is quite a bit of work involved. It takes a team of individuals to set everything correctly, and you’ll also receive a warranty if any mistakes arise. Professions will also take care of disposing of your old carpets so that you don’t have to worry about any dumping fees. If you still want to do this yourself, you’ll want to recruit some assistance, but remember, it isn’t recommended. Mistakes are costly.

And that’s it! These were ten home maintenance jobs and why you shouldn’t DIY them. However, you don’t have to be worried about never getting your hands dirty. There are plenty of other tasks that you can tackle yourself. Including:

– Painting

– Refreshing hardware

– Gardening

– Adding shelving

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