10 Best Soccer Captions for Instagram

Soccer, or you may call it football, is the most popular sport in the world. Few things beat the scent of freshly cut grass, the sound of a whistle, and the sight of a soccer game in action. ‎

If you are a soccer player or a fan of the game, you may have a large collection of soccer photos. These photos may demonstrate how much you enjoy this game. You may possibly have photographs of yourself with your favorite soccer player. ‎

If you have been thinking about posting those pictures online, then you are going to need the relevant captions as well. This is where we come in. Here is a list of the best 10 captions about soccer that we have designed for you that will make your posts both interesting and captivating.

1. Life is a soccer field, don’t you think? – Shakira

Most of you might know who Shakira is but do you know anything about her husband? Her husband’s name is Gerald Pique, who is a famous soccer player who plays for the clubBarcelona and his national team Spain. This is why Shakira is really attached to Soccer. In this caption, Shakira has compared the life a person to a soccer field. In a soccer field you have to go through a lot of your opponents, who are trying to take you down, in order to score a goal for your team. Same is the case with our lives where we have to cross a lot of hurdles to reach our goals.

2. I’m attracted to soccer’s capacity for beauty. When well-played, the game is a dance with a ball. -Eduardo Galeano

This is literary soccer caption written by one of the most famous Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano. He says that he feels mesmerized by the beauty of soccer because when the players are playing and trying to take the ball away from each other it seems like they are performing a beautiful dance. If you have made a video of yourself playing soccer and you can use this caption on that video.

3. I like to watch soccer, no matter what teams or players are in the field. -Andres Iniesta

Andres Iniesta is one of the all-time best forward player in the game of soccer. He played for his club Barcelona and national team Spain. If you will use this caption on your Instagram post it will give that post a lot of weightage. If you like watching soccer then you can agree to what Andre Iniestais saying that he can watch soccer all day long and it doesn’t matter which two teams are competing.

4. Basically my whole life revolves around soccer. -Carli Lloyd

Most people think that soccer is a men’s game but it is not true at all. Women also love to watch and play soccer and it is evident from this caption. This caption comes from one of the most famousAmerican femalesoccer player Carli Lloyd. If you are a girl who loves playing soccer then you can use this caption for your pictures and videos on Instagram.

5. Soccer is a magical game. -David Beckham

Whether you watch soccer or not you must have heard the name David Beckham because he is one of the most famous soccer player to ever grace the game. He played for his club Real Madrid and his national team England. He says that what soccer players do on the field is just magical and he can watch them perform that magic all day long.

6. There’s no better feeling than stepping out on the field and stunning them all by doing what none of them thought you could do. -Ashlyn Harris

Soccer can act as a motivation for many people as well. When you play soccer many of your doubters believe that you will not play good and you will not be able to score goals for your team. Same way in our lives there are many people who doubt our abilities that we will not go anywhere in our lives.If you want to prove your doubters and critics wrong, you should put all your efforts into trying to be a successful man, just like a soccer player practices really hard before a game.

7. You may get skinned knees and elbows, but it’s worth it if you score a spectacular goal. -Mia Hamm

This is one of the most beautiful caption about the game of soccer. In life we have to go through a lot of hurdles to reach our goals and in doing so we are often get hurt as well. Same way in football we often get injured while trying to score a goal for our team. But when we score that goal we forget all the troubles and injuries that we went through because the ending is really sweeter for us.

8. There’s a lot that’s out of your control. But the one thing you can control is your work ethic. -Christen Press

If you like taking videos of yourself practicing the game of soccer then you can use this caption on such videos. This video of yours along with this caption will serve as motivation for other people. You may or may not get the chance to score a goal for your team or defend a goal that the opponents are trying to score against you,but what you should do is practice really hard to prepare for each game. This way you won’t have any regrets later on.

9. I know, firsthand, that soccer brings people together—all it takes is a ball and a few people, and the seeds of friendship are planted. -Ali Krieger

You must have noticed this thing back in high school or college as well that we are too close to our fellows who play soccer. Whenever we get the time we just pick up a ball, go there on the field of football and start playing and enjoying ourselves. This is what soccer does. It brings people together and helps us make friends with them.

10. Life is like a game of soccer you need goals.

This is one of the best motivational captions for your post. Just like we need to score goals for our team to win a soccer match same way we need to set goals in our lives and we need to pursue them by putting in all of our efforts. People who don’t set goals in their lives are left standard in the same place and they cannot make any progress as well.


If you love soccer, you must have gone to the ground to watch your favorite team play and win. You must have captured those precious moments on camera as well.Don’t conceal those priceless photos and videos; instead, use these captions to share them with your Instagram followers.

We hope that you have found the best soccer caption that you have come looking for. These captions will act as a voice for your image, narrating all of its many qualities. If your friends also love soccer, share this rare collection of captions with them as well, so that they may use these on their pictures as well.

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